Big brother's canary

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Xie Tangyin said with a test. The people in the company don't know that Xie An is his lover, and the friends around Xie An don't know that he is Xie An's lover. Is this a hidden marriage? No,Wall Penstocks, such a precious person, must not let the whole world know that he

Xie Tang put a pile of information on the tea table, very close to Xie An's sofa, "look, read, remember, should be able to read the document." Xie Anda slightly looked, this is all the information that has just been sorted out, and suddenly realized, "You believe it!" When Qi Rui was there that night, Xie Tang clearly believed it and pretended not to believe it, which made him laughed at by Qi Rui! "Do you want to see?" Xie Tang asked. Look The little ancestor nodded, when the artist is not a long-term way, he sooner or later not, "you are not to say that the Xie family has a good seedling recently?"? Why didn't he come? When Xie Tang was eighteen years old, he took the lead in the group. This was something that had never happened in the Xie family. Now Xie is enough to prove that there is genius in the world. As he grew older, his mentality changed a lot, and helping the Xie family train a qualified successor became something he had been thinking about. The children taught by him and Xie An are not bad in any way. Xie Tang smiled awkwardly. He has seen all the children of the Xie family, and there is one who is close to the eye and smart, but one thing is not very good. There is an age limit for teaching children. …… He is only two years old. "Huh?" Xie An hesitated for a moment. The family is discussing whether to give the child directly to us or simply let us raise it. "Is this still under consideration?"? His family won't agree, will they? Xie An frowned,filter nozzle, raising a child is really unwilling, Xie Tang sat down on the sofa next to him, "the situation is special." Even the Xie family, not everyone has a good life, move out of the Xie family home, life and death, the Xie family no longer take the initiative to ask. The child was in a family where the parents had a car accident,fine bubble diffuser, leaving only the two-year-old child. The local agency found them and happened to be met by Xie Tang. What else is there to discuss? Xie An touched his cell phone. "We can't have a child. He's the only one. He will definitely be good to him." Xie Tang did not reply, the little ancestor then reacted to come over, "with you for ten years, still play tricks with me?" This bastard, also said that the Xie family side is discussing, this also discusses what? It was obviously because Xie Tang was afraid of his reluctance that he said those words to explore his intentions. Xie Tang smiled at the angry little ancestor. "There are other reasons. The family is afraid that there are fewer people here. You are lazy and afraid of being eventful. You can't raise a child well." But eye affinity is really evil. Ten years ago, he took a fancy to Xie An, and now he has taken a fancy to this two-year-old baby. He was confident, lazy as Xie An, that he would like the child. Xie An made a phone call with his cell phone. "Send me the child!"! Can't I raise my son well? The old people's home is home. At that time, I called someone at home to ask for a child, but in the end I had to pick him up by myself. After a few hours' flight, I had to take a bus to get to the Xie Family Home. Xie An leaned on the back of the back seat next to Xie Tang. It was also a coincidence that Luo Ziyun urgently pulled him to make a guest appearance before he came. He did not rest all night. In the morning, he came to Muxuecheng by plane. The time was too tight, rapid sand filters ,lamella clarifer, and he was too lazy to adjust. After sleeping for a while on the plane, I began to feel sleepy again when I got on the bus. Xie Tang's hand patted him gently on the shoulder, coaxing him to sleep too much, and after a while Xie An fell asleep again. The car temporarily fell into quiet, Xie Tang looked at his little ancestor's quiet sleeping face, a burst of satisfaction in his heart, but before long, Xie An's cell phone rang, Xie Tang did not have time to take his cell phone, the little ancestor who slept lightly was woken up, "Hello?" Luo Ziyun listened to this tone of voice and shivered. It was over. He woke up the sleeping ancestor. But when he remembered that he had something to do, he had to bite the bullet and said: "Guangsheng has arranged work for you again. Send the detailed information to your mobile phone. Look at it and give a reply." Is it another play to be a stepping stone for others? If the terms are not as good as last time, I will not agree. Hearing that it was Guangsheng, Xie An came to the spirit, no way this is a rich master, he and Xie Tang also have a son to raise, lack of money ah! Luo Ziyun heard that he didn't want to read the script and the contract by himself. She explained: "In the modern urban drama Season, the character is an ugly rich second generation who always interferes with the heroine and the poor boy hero. Later, the hero gets rich and gradually rises, but he is poor. It is a typical story of the hero's counterattack.". However, the treatment is not as good as last time, or 10 million, but it takes two months to shoot, and there is no time limit. "Push it, don't do it. This treatment is too harsh. If they really want me to go there, the treatment will have to go up. It's not as good as last time." Xie An also did not want to refuse directly, the first time the treatment is so good, this time directly cut half, and obviously is the pit, he did not do. Xie Tang looked at his little expression and knew that the little ancestor had a bad idea again. "Do you want to be bad again?" Luo Ziyun on the other side of the phone called out, "who's talking?" "My boyfriend." Xie An took his cell phone far away with a look of disgust and waited for the other side to be quiet before pulling it back. …… Aren't you married? "Yes!"! With my boyfriend! After chatting a few words and deciding to hang up the phone, Xie An laughed out loud. Xie Tang looked at the little ancestor who suddenly had a convulsion with a puzzled face. What happened? Wait for Xie An to laugh enough to reply to him, Luo Ziyun that group of people all know that he is married, but all think that Xie An's lover is a peerless beauty, that can be worthy of him. When we were together, we often joked about this matter, saying which girl was so powerful to accept his scourge. As a result, when we heard that it was a man on the phone, Luo Ziyun was stunned, and then a few words stammered out. You don't know how well Director Luo matches my lover, who is 1.65 meters tall, standing beside me like a bird! Xie An smiled and tilted on Xie Tang's leg, "but it turned out to be a man of 1.9 meters." "It seems that I still have to show up in front of them often." Xie Tangyin said with a test. The people in the company don't know that Xie An is his lover, and the friends around Xie An don't know that he is Xie An's lover. Is this a hidden marriage? No,Wall Penstocks, such a precious person, must not let the whole world know that he is a person? Sooner or later, sovereignty will be sworn!.