Sheng Long Dao

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Before Yi Chen could stop, he had already crashed through a blue energy barrier and rushed into a strange space. It is true that it still belongs to the territory of the divine world, but it is also an absolutely independent space. Yi Chen suddenly cursed crazily: "*** Thor, what is

Thor shook his head helplessly and said in a low voice, "It is the will of the holy world to catch you.". In the past month, I have exhausted my divine power to communicate with the holy world for your problem, hoping to get further instructions from them. But I failed. I could feel the great power of the holy world, but I couldn't get any information. They didn't give me any further advice, and I.. I can't put you down. In a roar, the demons shouted crazily, and the other gods of the three realms also showed great anger. Easy dust in their hearts, has become a symbol, a symbol that they can fight against the Protoss, if easy dust can not return to the human world, it proves that they are actually a complete failure, how can they not be angry? Thor says at once: "Nevertheless, still have a method, still have a method to be able to let you decide." Easy dust drinks: "Then say, otherwise I lead them to be far away from 'sacred mountain', after accumulating strength, come to replace your Archaic Protoss." Thor licked his lips regardless of his identity and said hesitantly, "Although I can't get instructions from the holy world,push back racking system, there are still people left in the holy world.". They are the guards who guard the passage from the divine world to the holy world. You can go there, and maybe you can know the reason for everything. If you go there and they don't give you any answers, it proves that maybe I misunderstand the will of the holy world, and I can let you leave the divine world, how about that? Yi Chen smiled: "Really?"? Where are they? And next to those gods and gods people have exclaimed, mysterious and unpredictable holy world, actually someone left in the divine world? This is really amazing news. The gods knew that the passage existed, but they did not know that it was the people of the holy world who guarded the passage. Thor took a long breath and pointed in one direction and said,pallet rack shelving, "There, according to your human weights and measures, there is a temple where you have traveled a distance of ten billion years. There is the entrance to the passage leading to the holy world. Where can you go to ask the three saints guarding the passage?". If they don't give you any answer, you can come back. I'll open the passage to the fairy world and let you go back right away. How about that? Yi Chen murmured, "The temple?"? Okay, okay, I should go. Has he looked in that direction, ten billion light years away? According to their current strength, it will not take long to arrive, right? Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 235 the sage. In the divine world, it is very easy for a man of God to create a space of his own. After possessing divine power, the characteristic of their power is "creation". However, before the arrival of Yi Chen, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, these gods were not allowed to create any life in their own space. The gods held this power, and the gods demanded that they could only collect all kinds of creatures from the land of the gods, and then let them live in the space created by the gods. Of course, after Yi Chen arrived and made such a mess, this rule, or restriction, had disappeared. At the same time, the space created by the divine power of a God is nothing more than a region the size of a medium-sized planet. Their power does not allow them to create too much space, because their divine power cannot maintain the consumption of this space. Similarly, since Yi Chen let those gods have the divine consciousness of the realm of "magic thunder", many wise gods even realized their own wise divine consciousness on this basis, their divine power has been greatly increased, and this problem does not exist. What's more, is this creation project a joint effort of all the gods and men? The gods of the demon world, the gods of the spirit world, the gods of the immortal world and the gods in the Buddhist world have jointly opened up their own space in the four remote corners of the divine world. Inside, there are all kinds of creatures they want to have, many of which will never appear in the divine world, such as all kinds of low-level Warcraft in the demon world and so on. Of course, after creating these spaces, the gods of the four realms thought of security issues. At the suggestion of Yi Chen, they joined forces to set up a special ban on the gods in four spaces, which was enough to ensure that the gods could not harass them. At the same time, the dragon was selected as the leader of the four realms in an emergency. Now that Thor has promised to help him take off the dragon body, he will soon become absolutely no weaker than Thor. Even if Yi Chen leaves the divine world, the gods will not be defeated one by one because of the loss of leadership. After three days of eating, drinking and playing in the new demon world, Yi Chen was relieved to fly in the direction of the temple when he saw that the gods had indeed given up their control over the gods. It took three months for the gods to create their own space. With the expansion of those spaces, Yi Chen's location was not very far from the temple. He estimated that at his current speed, he could arrive in less than three days. Like a black meteor, with dazzling light, easy dust cut through the space of the divine world, with a long flame tail, powerful shock waves shook the whole earth trembling, so insolent flying past. After flying at a high speed for some distance, Yi Chen will lift the divine power in his body and make a large distance teleportation. At this time, the meteor he made suddenly flashed and appeared again far away. Blue ripples appeared in front of him, and Yi Chen felt something was wrong. According to Thor, the temple should also be on the land of the divine world, but looking at this momentum, he seems to be breaking through the space where the divine world is located. The divine world is already the highest existence in the three realms. What is outside the divine world? Before Yi Chen could stop, he had already crashed through a blue energy barrier and rushed into a strange space. It is true that it still belongs to the territory of the divine world, but it is also an absolutely independent space. Yi Chen suddenly cursed crazily: "*** Thor, what is the temple ten billion light-years away?"? Clearly at the distance of 10 billion light years,automated warehouse systems, but also with a great high speed to rush in, if Lao Tzu slowly come, will not never find here? 。