Tianhe robbery

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Before Yi Chen could stop, he had already crashed through a blue energy barrier and rushed into a strange space. It is true that it still belongs to the territory of the divine world, but it is also an absolutely independent space. Yi Chen suddenly cursed crazily: "*** Thor, what is

As soon as this remark was made, not only Shen Tu Huaiyuan was taken aback, but all except Hu Weilan looked shocked. Wei Huangchi glanced at the soul-bound pedant and jumped as if he were flying toward the giant Sequoia. Three feet and six feet above the ground on the tree trunk, Wei Huang Chi drew a horizontal groove with a diamond finger knife. The force of the finger was like a knife, and the sawdust rustled down like rain where it touched the finger. With a smile on his face, the soul-bound pedant said, "Lord of the mountain, please use your sword first. If you cut off this tree, Fangmou will be willing to be defeated." Hand over the two swords immediately, and ask Tu Huaiyuan to choose a sword. With a look of embarrassment on his face, Shen Tu Huaiyuan said in a harsh voice, "If the old man can't break the giant Sequoia, Teacher Fang may not be able to do it either!" "It doesn't matter," said the soul-bound pedant. "If Fang can't cut off this tree, he will admit defeat. Since the mountain owner has the intention of winning the Wulin, he must be a heroic figure who swallows rivers and mountains. The mountain owner has already won all the games. Why should he be so timid and frustrated?" How could Shen Tu Huaiyuan stand up to such harsh and provocative words from the soul-bound pedant? It was obviously flattery, but in fact, it was extremely harmful to ridicule. He could not help but blush with an old face and shoot angrily. He took a sword from the soul-bound pedant and sneered frequently. Shen Tu Huaiyuan said to himself, "It's more than ten feet away. Ju Gan has his arms around him. He's right in front of us. I'm afraid there's no one who can cut off this tree with one sword. Besides, it's very far away. Fangshan Ming, Fangshan Ming, you're bound to lose this bet." Hold the sword in your right hand and stretch it obliquely, stretch your arms like hugs, stand with your legs apart and squat slightly across your waist, concentrate on it, and throw it as hard as you can. Dozens of eyes around the field watched this unique scene, holding their breath, and the air in the valley was as silent as frozen. I saw Shen Tu Huaiyuan at the foot of the sinking pile like a mountain, the first arm slowly back to the right, suddenly display a spring thunder like drink, sword out of hand to see the giant fir fly away! Cold light and electricity snatched, broke through the air with a sharp roar, and the tip of the sword was nailed between the two horizontal grooves. However, although the sword is fierce, but the tree is not broken,industrial racking systems, Rao is so, the group of heroes in the eyes can not help but secretly shocked. Shen Tu Huaiyuan smiled and said, "The old man didn't say he could cut down the tree with his sword in the void. Can Teacher Fang open his eyes now?" "No matter what," said the soul-bound pedant, "Fang must have a try." He raised his sword and stretched it obliquely, which was exactly the same as Shen Tuhuai's congealing in the distance. With their eyes wide open, the three women and the four elders were all holding their hands tightly for the soul-bound pedant. In particular, the four elders had profound martial arts attainments, and they could not believe that the soul-bound pedant could cut off the giant Sequoia with a sword. Because this is out of the routine of martial arts, no matter how high the martial arts are, they can not be surpassed, otherwise, they are gods, not human beings. On the surface, the soul-bound pedant seemed to be extremely relaxed, as if he had a well-thought-out plan and the victory was in hand, but in fact, his heart was heavy and unusual. Although he had come to understand several things and merged them into one, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, if there was a member of Gan Jiang Moye, he might not be able to control the sword and break the tree, but Yin Zhong was an ordinary iron, and he was not 100% sure. He wore a mask, and no one could notice the change of expression on his face, but Hu Weilan could see the calm light in his eyes and could not help worrying about him secretly. Confine the soul to study Qi Na Dan Tian, Qi Yun twelve towers, through the right arm, suddenly throw the sword out of hand, and fly to the giant Sequoia like a cold rainbow. I saw a pair of green mang flying close to the giant Sequoia, suddenly turning around the trunk. Shen Tu Huaiyuan turned pale with fright and said to himself, "Is there really a way to control swordsmanship in the void?" Before I finished, I saw the cold rainbow practicing and falling to the ground. The towering giant Sequoia fell back slowly, with a loud clatter, and the dust of the leaves splashed into the air like a landslide. The four elders could not help cheering in unison. Without saying a word, Shen Tu Huaiyuan opened his mouth in amazement, and his arrogance disappeared and disappeared, only to feel a blank in front of his eyes. Shen Tu Huaiyuan has been immersed in martial arts all his life, and he is good at the skills of various schools, but he has never seen or heard of the skill of controlling Qi and flying sword. Because the sword has surpassed the talent limit of the martial arts practitioner. Now, Shen Tu Huaiyuan has witnessed with his own eyes the soul-bound scholar's shocking learning of controlling the sword. Although the soul-bound pedant has not yet reached the realm of sending and receiving from the heart, the sword is exhausted when Lang falls to the ground, but it is enough to make unprecedented and shocking Wulin. Naturally, there is a feeling that his skill is inferior to others, and he can't help looking depressed. But will he be desperate for hegemony? No, he saw that the soul restraint pedant was slow to get out of the sword. He had to adjust the True Qi first and then wave it out. He could not send and receive from the heart. After the sword was exhausted, he could not strike again. It occurred to him that in the future, if the soul-bound scholar decided to fight to the death, he would use the art of joint attack to make the soul-bound scholar have no chance to adjust the True Qi, so that he could fight to eliminate future trouble. Now. The soul-bound pedant folded his fists and said with a smile, "Fangmou is lucky. The mountain owner is an honest gentleman. A word is as good as nine tripods. There is no reason to break his word." "Of course, the old man keeps his word," Shen Huai yuan replied with a cold face. "The old man is ashamed of himself and should admit defeat. However, the old man must claim compensation for what happened today." The soul-bound pedant smiled faintly and said, "Fangmou thinks that the mountain owner is unable to seek revenge from Fangmou before he gets rid of Xing Wubi. At present, Xing Wubi has said that the service sect has jointly dispatched experts to deal with the mountain owner. If he does not strike first, the mountain owner will become a beast to be slaughtered." Shen Tu Huaiyuan's complexion changed greatly. "Xing Wubi has gone west into Sichuan and wants to go to Qingcheng," said the scholar. "If the Lord of the Mountain wants to subdue the Lord of Leiyin Valley, he will not be able to get rid of Xing Wubi until he has searched for the Heavenly Sword of Yuxu Cave." As soon as he finished speaking, he folded his fists, waved his hand and led the crowd to retreat. In a flash, he was gone without a trace. Shen Tu Huaiyuan, with a livid face, walked quickly to the front of the broken fir. He looked at the place where the sword was broken. He was shocked and found that it was like a saw! With a deep sigh, he looked around and shouted, "Go!" A long-haired man said, "The Lord of the Mountain has given up searching for the Lord of the Valley of Thunder!" Shen Tu Huaiyuan said in a deep voice, "Time is not with me. Fang Shanming is right. If we don't make it first." Man, I will become a beast to be slaughtered, go, and drive into Xichuan! The valley returns to tranquility and purity, with floating clouds and mountains, wild flowers and trees, and green everywhere. At the eastern foot of Zhongyandang, the soul pedant and others gathered in a rich farmer's house to drink. Wei Huangchi took a sip and said, "Shaoxia,Automated warehouse systems, the old man doesn't understand the real intention of controlling the sword and breaking the tree. Can you tell me more about it?" "Shen Ceng Huaiyuan thinks highly of himself," said the soul pedant. "Apart from being a little afraid of white eyebrows and bee tails, he has no eyes for the rest of his son. He believes that Xing Wubi will be able to kill him. He is eager to seize the opportunity to dominate the martial arts world in order to pursue his ambition.." "The old man knows." 。 kingmoreracking.comBefore Yi Chen could stop, he had already crashed through a blue energy barrier and rushed into a strange space. It is true that it still belongs to the territory of the divine world, but it is also an absolutely independent space. Yi Chen suddenly cursed crazily: "*** Thor, what is the temple ten billion light-years away?"? Clearly at the distance of 10 billion light years,automated warehouse systems, but also with a great high speed to rush in, if Lao Tzu slowly come, will not never find here?