The president's wife

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Zihan's grandmother asked Chu Lei, "You prepared it for the girl!" Chu Lei was a little embarrassed and answered, "It's the nanny and the driver at home!" Grandma Zihan smiled and said to Chu Lei,radio shuttle racking, "I know you are very busy wit

The woman seemed to understand what Zihan meant. Her face turned red and she said, "Take your time. I have something to do. Let's go first." Zihan still said goodbye to her gracefully. They bought a couple of rings and went home together. Zihan did not ask who the woman was just now, but Chu Lei felt very suffocated, he was scolded as a dog by Zihan, but there was no way. Neither of them would speak first. After a long time, Chu Lei couldn't help asking, "The man you said just now is a dog. Are you talking about me?" "What about you?"? I'm talking about men! Chu Lei was so angry that he couldn't speak. After thinking for a long time, he said slowly, "a man is really a dog, and a woman is a cat. A woman like you is a kitten that has just been born. I am also a man, but I am definitely not a dog. I am an old cat. I will not only feed you, but also play with you. The important thing is to take good care of you. When the dog comes, I am ready to fight for the life of this old cat!" Next chapter notice: Chu Lei accompanied Mu Zihan to go home for the Spring Festival. Although he was busy, he realized the happiness that had disappeared for a long time. The forty-first chapter of the main text is Grandpa and Grandma's baby. The weather is getting colder and colder, and Mu Zihan is going to take the final exam near the Spring Festival. She felt that she had not studied hard all semester, but the sweater she knitted for Chu Lei was becoming more and more mature, and she was more and more confident that she could finish it before Valentine's Day. With the end of the exam, Zihan's winter vacation began. This winter's snow is much less,heavy duty metal racking, the temperature feels a few degrees higher than in previous years, every cloudy day is falling raindrops, she also more and more miss last year's heavy snow. Hearing Zihan's request to go home, Chu Lei suddenly found himself accustomed to his life with her. At the thought of her leaving him, Chu Lei's heart panicked inexplicably. He even felt afraid that Zihan would suddenly leave him. If one day she no longer loved him, he began to feel that he had no hope of living. He tried to control his emotions and asked Zihan, "Why did you go back so early?" Zihan answered with some helplessness: "My grandparents have a lot of relatives in their hometown,metal racking systems, and they are the elders of the family. So every year during the Spring Festival, there are many guests from the first day to the fifteenth day. They have to invite people to eat at home and prepare a lot of food. Besides, I have to go back to clean up the house!" Chu Lei looked at Zihan, who always ate very little in order to keep fit, which seemed to him to be too thin. Imagining that she was busy doing housework at home, she was distressed again: "It's OK to find a part-time cleaner for sanitation. As for preparing food, it should be very simple!" Zihan giggled and said, "Hygiene is very simple, but food is troublesome!"! Grandpa and grandma asked to prepare chicken, duck, fish and meat for the New Year, and fried a lot of dishes, which had to be prepared for several days in previous years! Chu Lei smiled bitterly, asrs warehouse ,shuttle rack system, living with Zihan for so long, knowing that she could do all the housework, especially the food was better than that of Sister Huang, but in his heart he really didn't want the delicate Zihan to be busy. Chu Lei was silent for a while and said, "Han, there is something I want to discuss with you." "To discuss?" Zihan pulled her long hair to make sure she wasn't dreaming, but she still didn't quite believe her ears. Since she was with Chu Lei, she found that he spoke in a commanding tone, and that she had been carrying out the spirit of two whatevers. "All Chu Lei's words are right, and all Chu Lei's instructions are resolutely carried out." I really surprised myself. Chu Lei did not care about Zihan's expression, then said: "Han, I want to go home with you for the Spring Festival, I don't know if Grandpa and Grandma will welcome.." He spoke cautiously, with a trace of loneliness and solitude in his tone. Ture When Zihan heard that Chu Lei would go home with her for the Spring Festival, she was very happy: "If we go back together, Grandpa and Grandma will be very happy!"! When you go back with me on National Day, you also know how much my grandparents like you! Chu Lei listened to Zihan's words with a smile on his face. In fact, he wanted to take Zihan back to Australia, but he was worried that his grandparents would be unhappy, so he cancelled the idea. "Then let Sister Huang help you prepare the things you need for the New Year, and let Liu Ping go with you to buy the things you want to buy. I'll hurry up and deal with the things at hand, and we'll go back together, okay?" Zihan nodded vigorously, and Chu Lei said that she would go back to her grandparents' home for the Spring Festival with her, which made her feel very relieved and happy. She called her grandparents in a hurry to say that Chu Lei would go back with her for the Spring Festival. The two old people were very happy to hear that and asked Aunt Zihan to clean up his room at home. In fact, Mu Zihan hates the Spring Festival most in her heart. There are too many relatives in her grandparents' family. Every year, they come to visit the two old people in groups. They live far away from each other, and Zihan has to serve lunch. In the past, Zihan always started cleaning up from the first day of the holiday, preparing things for the New Year, and when everything was in order, it happened to be Chinese New Year's Eve, and then from the first day to the fifteenth day to welcome relatives and see off guests, after the Lantern Festival, it was time for Zihan to start school. Most of her classmates and friends also know that Zihan is very busy during the winter vacation, and they don't bother her very much. When Chu Lei finished his work and returned to his grandmother's house with Zihan, there were still two days to Chinese New Year's Eve. Looking at the things Zihan brought back, Zihan's grandmother was distressed: "I'm so busy every year. I thought you didn't have to be busy this year, but I didn't expect you to prepare so much!" Zihan said with a smile, "I didn't prepare it alone this time. There are a lot of people helping me!" Zihan's grandmother asked Chu Lei, "You prepared it for the girl!" Chu Lei was a little embarrassed and answered, "It's the nanny and the driver at home!" Grandma Zihan smiled and said to Chu Lei,radio shuttle racking, "I know you are very busy with your work, but I still want you to go back after fifteen, OK?" Chu Lei nodded his head.