The queen is a cat demon

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I don't know what happened, so I took the sword to her. When I saw her eyes,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I felt very sad! "Your Majesty, forgive the slave's talkativeness.". The imperial concubine of Qin was used to being domineering by the prime minister, but this

It hurts! Why does Lu Huahua feel pain not on her face but in her heart. Why? Is it because Sikong Lie doesn't believe her anymore, or? "You fight, anyway, I am desperate to do things that are not as good as what that woman said.". That cloak is made of fox hair, you will regret it! That's life, and sooner or later you will delay the great event because of that woman! Lu Huahua stared at Sikong Lie. Why did Sikong Lie feel that his heart was empty, and why did he care about the idea of Lu Huahua. Sikong Lie turned his head, "Don't look at me like that!"! Fu Ji and the child in her womb are also fate! Do you want me to lose my children?! "Hum, lose your children and grandchildren!"! There is no child in her womb! How many times I have said, you have never believed me! Wait until you're pregnant in October and see what she's giving you?! Lu Huahua's words pierced Sikong's heart. It makes Sikong lie so uncomfortable. Why don't you let Fu Ji go. Live in peace. You're already a queen. What more could you want? Why don't you understand? I'm doing good for you! You are doing something harmful to Yin De! Lu Huahua can't tell Sikong Lie anything, so she can only persuade him. Is harmful to Yin De?! If you want to kill someone for a piece of clothes, it is harmful to Yin De! I leave you a life for the time being, stay in your Fengyi Palace! The cloak is gone. I'm going to hunt foxes in person and make a more beautiful cloak for Fu Ji! When Lu Huahua heard that Sikong Lie had gone to the volcano to hunt foxes in person, she was very afraid. When the time comes to offend the fire fox, he will probably die without a burial place! Lu Huahua took Sikong Lie's hand and dragged him away. You can't! You can't! You'll get yourself killed! Don't do this, I beg you,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, don't do this! Lu Huahua desperately knelt down in front of Sikong Lie and did not let go of Sikong Lie's hand. Sikong Lie struggled so hard that Lu Huahua didn't let go. What do you want to do? Release me! Let me go! "I beg you, don't hurt those foxes, you will really regret it!" Sikong lie shook off Lu Huahua and left unfeeling. Acacia and small mulberry this just breathed a sigh of relief, why today Sikong lie will be so merciful to Lu Huahua, if in peacetime, Sikong lie will hurt the person he loves most. Sister Acacia,Magnesium Oxide price, what a close call! The master almost died by the sword of the emperor! Acacia hit the small mulberry, "you are not disorderly enough, hurry to make lunch for the master!" Xiao Sang pouted and went down. Lu Huahua collapsed on the ground and began to cry again. Not long after Feng Yan left, Lu Huahua began to cry again. Acacia entered the house and accompanied Lu Huahua to do it on the ground. Lu Huahua waded into the arms of Acacia. Acacia, why doesn't he listen to me? I'm telling the truth, and it's all for his good! Why did he do this to me? Acacia patted Lu Huahua on the back, "Who let him be the emperor? Since ancient times, it is the most difficult to be an emperor's woman. Empress, you can admit it. You are the queen chosen by God for Bodhi Kingdom. You can't change it.". Falling in love with the emperor is the most painful. Love, is this love? Why isn't she in love with the dog? Why is it not love for Feng Yan? Facing Sikong Lie alone. Why does he only believe the woman who can lie! Came to the world for so long, Lu Hua spent a lot of effort to help Sikong lie deal with political affairs, flat drought, Magnesium Oxide powder ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, but she did these are not worth a woman's words? "Acacia sister, why I do so much, he still cares about that woman.". What he sees is not true. People's eyes can deceive people! Master, we are all ordinary people, and we all believe what our eyes see. You do, the people are in the eyes, the emperor's heart is also you. Today, he is holding a sword, just to frighten his master with the majesty of his son of heaven, not really want to hurt you. Master. Is it? Is it really like what Acacia said? But Sikong Lie's slap was completely hit in Lu Huahua's heart. 。 Her heart twitched, "Acacia, I am not afraid of him to take the sword, he took the sword of the emperor's relatives and treacherous court officials to me, my heart is very painful, why?"? Why is that? Ziyang that smelly old man, I do not want to stay here, heartache, I can not give it medicine! Lu Huahua said later, Acacia has not understood, all when she is talking nonsense. Ziyang Zhenren let her come down to earth, is this what she should learn? Experienced all the feelings in the world, love, friendship, family. Sad feelings, happy feelings. She regretted that she should not have come to the world in trouble, so that she would not know Sikong Lie who had hurt her heart. Empress, let's get up. Don't sit on the ground. The maidservant will help you and won't let the imperial concubine bully us any more. She has the backing of his mother's family, and we have our plan! Lu Huahua's tears did not stop after she got up. After Sikong Lie left, he was also very regretful. Why did he take out the Emperor's Sword so impulsively? Why didn't he listen to Lu Huahua's explanation every time he had an accident? Today, Sikong Lie knows that her name is Lu Huahua, Hua'er. The first time I saw her, she was really like a flower, but a small wild flower. Your Majesty, are you a little talkative to the empress today? "Double happiness". Under the scorching sun, Sikong Lie walked in the palace, followed by Shuangxi with a sword. I don't know what happened, so I took the sword to her. When I saw her eyes,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I felt very sad! "Your Majesty, forgive the slave's talkativeness.". The imperial concubine of Qin was used to being domineering by the prime minister, but this time it might be the fault of the imperial concubine of Qin? You # 8226; # 8226; # 8226. "Double happiness today is also to fight against injustice.".