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I don't know what happened, so I took the sword to her. When I saw her eyes,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I felt very sad! "Your Majesty, forgive the slave's talkativeness.". The imperial concubine of Qin was used to being domineering by the prime minister, but this

"You must punish me for making such a big mistake." "草 ! You know you're wrong, and you want me to punish you! Dream "Please." "Didn't you just do it in the afternoon?!!!" "Isn't it night?" "Go away!" "Brother ~ ~ ~" …… %^_^%^_^(()**%^_^$%# Ding! Congratulations to the player for completing the task of "One Day's All-round Grass in the Inland Sea, Land and Air | Cool Little Pervert", rewarding a scarred little prince. Although Qin Hua has been demanding too much for a long time, Zhao Yulai often dislikes him, but in fact, to put it bluntly, when the grass rises, it is still very cool, and Zhao Yulai is usually very happy. Sometimes Zhao Yulai has to admit that everything is fake, and the basis of his relationship with Qin Hua is the fight between the goblins. As a result, that night, when they arrived at the airport, they walked into Qin Hua's Haiying. After the plane took off, they unfastened their seat belts and Qin Hua took off his suit. Zhao Yulai found that the shirt on Qin Hua's back had been stained red with blood. What the hell is going on? Zhao Yulai blurted out and asked. However, without Qin Hua's opening, Zhao Yulai had already thought of the reason. That piece of rock is also prickly hand support, not to mention Qin Hua was only wearing a single shirt lying on the top of sex, Zhao Yulai is really high, did not expect this problem, and he was a little upset, the action is inevitably a little big. It was dark there, and Zhao Yulai couldn't see it. At that time,caustic calcined magnesite, Qin Hua lowered his voice for fear of being discovered, but it sounded so cool that Zhao Yulai only thought he was happy because of the battle, and didn't think too much about it. Finished, Qin Hua casually put aside the suit on, Zhao Yulai straight when he was blown cold by the sea breeze, also did not think too much. As a result, the back of a white shirt was almost completely broken, and the bright red was full of blood. When Qin Hua took off the shirt,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Zhao Yulai was frightened by the dense and fine wounds. Zhao Yulai has lived for more than thirty years. Because of his unique growth experience, he has seen a lot of blood, but this is the first time he has been frightened. The feeling that his heart suddenly stopped, he stepped back and fell into the sofa. Then he saw Qin Hua laughing. What the hell is wrong with you?! "Didn't you know I was sick?" "What about this?" "You help me wipe it with the iodine in the medicine box. It's all small wounds. It's all right." However, it was these small wounds that made Qin Hua, who had almost never been ill, have a fever a few hours later. The private doctor of the Qin family, who had received a salary for more than ten years but had never had a chance to serve Qin Hua, hurried to Zhao Yu's home. Seeing Qin Hua's obviously inflamed wound, he was somewhat puzzled and asked, "How did you get it?" "Bruised on the reef." Qin Hua said. How could it be so badly bruised? The male doctor in his forties turned a thousand times in his heart, and finally his eyes fell on Zhao Yulai. This vision only stayed on Zhao Yulai's body for a second and then moved away, but this second was enough for Zhao Yulai to bow his head and cover his face. Half an hour later, the doctor left, and Qin Hua, who had had an injection and taken medicine, Magnesium Oxide price ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, lay on the bed and looked at Zhao Yulai, who had no love for life, with a smile. A minute later, Zhao Yulai also smiled. Zhao Yulai climbed into bed with a smile, sat on the edge of Qin Hua, and lit a cigarette. Why are you smoking again? "Well, I'm bored. Only smoke can comfort me." "You're in the right!" "Usually you jump up and grab it, but not today. It seems that I am quite reasonable." While smoking, Zhao Yulai looked at his cell phone. After a cigarette, he handed the phone to Qin Hua, who was lying on his stomach. The title on the phone was "Qin Hua Zhao Yulai left Lei's charity dinner in anger.". This is the headline of a certain media in the mainland, and the headlines of the media in Hong Kong are even worse. Almost all of them are: "Qin Hua smashed the scene of Lei's dinner, and Zhao Yulai was dizzy with anger.". Zhao Yulai didn't look at the comment at all, and he knew what it would be like without looking at it. How can I explain this to your grandfather? "Now my grandfather's side is not the key issue." "Yes, the problem now is that Lei Zhendong should be really angry this time." Zhao Yu said: "He should be able to attack Qin.". ” "Soldiers come to block, water comes to cover, most of Qin's business is in the mainland, as long as Grandpa supports me, it's not easy for Lei Zhendong to make me hurt." "Flesh wounds can also cause fever if they are not handled properly." "What do you say?" How to do, if there is no Qin Hua, in this case, Zhao Yulai felt that he would probably simply and roughly directly think of ways to do something, let Lei Zhendong rest, and then there is no trouble. But if there is no Qin Hua, no matter who comes to talk to Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu is too lazy to pick up Lei's jealous stall. Even if he is found, he will probably find a place to hide directly. When Lei Zhendong dies of old age, his property is confiscated, donated to charity funds, or inherited by that distant relative, he will come out and enjoy himself. However, there is no if, Qin Hua is in, Zhao Yulai does not want to dirty hands. On the side of Zhao Yulai, Qin Hua, who was lying down, thought that the best way was to control Lei Zhendong by means. He felt that his grandfather Zhang Pingzhong must have thought so now, or that he might have thought so a long time ago, but Lei Zhendong was Zhao Yulai's father after all. Because that is Zhao Yulai's father, before the dinner, Qin Hua was so angry that his eyes were almost red, and he did not open his mouth to accuse Lei Zhendong. Lei Zhendong can ignore human relations, can not bear to be a father, he can not lose his upbringing in front of Zhao Yulai. Qin Hua and Zhao Yulai did not speak for half an hour. Half an hour later, Qin Hua, who had taken the medicine, fell asleep. Two hours later, Qin Hua woke up, sweating all over, and the fever went down. Zhao Yu came to wipe his body with a wet towel and put on the medicine again. Qin Hua got up from the bed and put on his clothes. They went to see Zhang Pingzhong. Zhao Yu came to drive, and Qin Hua sat in the co-driver's seat with his back straight. Qin Hua asked,calcium nitrate sol, "Do you believe what I said to you at the seaside before?" Zhao Yulai held the steering wheel without turning his head and said, "I'm used to not listening to people. It used to be because I often didn't understand, but later I got used to it." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com