After I became a big metaphysician, I wore it back.

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There are seven or eight pirates left in Shandong who have not been wiped out. They have fled to Japan.". He instigated the Japanese king to say that the inland soldiers were arrogant and lazy, and that it was easy to win.

Bald, want to change a copywriter, how to change is not satisfied. Chapter 5 Amulet "Well, I only heard that he was missing, but I didn't hear anything else.". All right, why do you ask so much? Watch TV for a while. I'm going to cook. Yu's mother said no more, but casually dismissed her as a child and went to the kitchen. By this time Yu Miao almost knew what was going on, so he stopped pestering her to ask questions. As for the matter of the ghost, there was no hurry now, and she would solve it in the afternoon. After having lunch with his parents at noon, Yu Miao went back to his room. Before, because of her poor health, she would have a nap time after lunch. Now that she has a healthy body again, she feels energetic and does not want to rest. Yu Miao turned around in the room, took out the paper he bought today and put it on his desk, prepared the tools, and wanted to draw some amulets. The amulet is a kind of paper that is as common as the transit amulet. I still remember that the first lesson they learned was to draw the amulet. Its function is to protect people from the invasion of evil worship, and at the critical time, it can also block disasters. The effect of blocking disasters is related to the ability of the heavenly teacher. At this point, Yu Miao can boast that although her drawing is not the best,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, it is also at the first-class level. She was ready to draw it and give it to Yu's father and mother to wear, which would also make her feel more at ease. Although there is no need to do such things as bathing and burning incense before drawing symbols, at least it is necessary to be calm to make the effect of drawing symbols paper better. So Yu Miao held the pen and sank his mind to prepare to draw the symbol. It was not difficult for her to draw the amulet, and soon a few amulets were drawn. Yu Miao looked at a few pieces of painted paper, felt the spiritual power attached to them, but found that these paintings were just better than the effect she had drawn before crossing. That's good. Looks like she's making progress again. Yu Miao folded all the paper he had drawn and took two out of the living room. Yu's father and mother were watching TV in the living room. When they saw her coming out with something, Yu's mother asked strangely,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "Miao Miao, what are you taking?" Yu Miao leaned over and said with a smile, "I just bought the amulet paper, so I tried to draw two amulets.". Come on, Mom and Dad, each of you wear one on your body. "It looks presentable, okay? Knowing that our daughter is thinking about us, Mom and Dad will definitely wear it." Yu's father took the amulet and gave one to Yu's mother. But he did not really believe that Yu Miao would draw any amulet, but felt that his daughter's heart was rare, so even if he thought it was just a playful thing, Yu's father happily accepted it. It doesn't matter if you put this thing on your body. Just wear it on your body. Yu's mother did not refuse, but said, "It seems that you have done your homework before, but this time you look a little serious.". All right, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I'll take it, too. Go back to your room and do your homework by yourself. I'm going to your grandparents' house in a few days, so I have to finish my homework quickly. Yu Miao also knew that her parents didn't really think the paper she drew was useful, but no matter what they thought, Yu Miao just knew that they would put things well. This thing is originally used on the body just in case, and it can't be seen until the critical time. After giving them the paper, Yu Miao listened to her mother's words and went back to her room to pack up the remaining pieces of paper, ready to take them to her grandparents'house and give one to other family members. She wasn't going to listen to Yu's mother and do her homework. She was going to solve the ghost first. She picked up the pen again and drew a seal quietly. The golden light flashed, symbolizing Fu Cheng. Yu Miao picked up the amulet paper and carefully felt the spiritual power inside. The amulet paper drawn this time was the same as the amulet just drawn, and the effect was better than before. She put this matter down, after all, the main task is to solve the ghost of Grandma Wang, lest the other side to make trouble. A ghost without resentment is not dangerous, so Yu Miao was just curious about the ghost in the morning and didn't want to do anything superfluous. However, once resentment arises, its existence is a hidden danger. Just like today's car accident, it may not have the idea of harming people, but because of the existence of resentment, it becomes irrational and makes mistakes. What she drew is a ghost charm, which is used to attract ghosts as the name implies. The function is to be able to gather the ghosts around to come here, because she did not know the eight characters of Grandma Wang's birthday, and could not use the summoning amulet to get it to her more accurately, so she could only use this way of group sending. With spiritual power to start the paper, the paper quickly left ashes, representing the seal has begun to work, now Yu Miao has to do is just wait. When she had nothing to do, she clicked into the game yesterday. The game of drawing cards is really fun, and it is always cool to draw cards all the time. Even though she is only a non-woman now, she believes that she will become an European emperor one day. Meow -- "a shrill meow came from the window, and Yu Miao's hand trembled, from the button of one stroke to ten strokes." Shit! My diamond! Yu Miao wailed, but now she had business to do and could only painfully put her cell phone aside to welcome her first visitor. It was a cat with black fur, driven here by the irresistible force of the seal. Now it clung to the windowsill and tried to retreat, but soon found that it was useless, so it wisely chose to give up, and jumped to the windowsill flexibly, far away from Yu Miao, watching the human warily. Yu Miao, however, was not as good as he wished. Instead, he grabbed the back of his neck and caught it in. Meow- "The black cat made a fierce cry and looked at Yu Miao with hatred. She wanted to catch her with her claws and was easily subdued by Yu Miao." Resentment? Yu Miao raised an eyebrow, this guy does not know how to do unexpectedly or a resentful ghost. Moreover, the resentment on it is quite strong. Human beings and animals seldom have resentment after death, and they will soon enter the next reincarnation. Animals,stainless steel welded pipe, in particular, are less likely to be resentful because of their immature minds. So at first sight of this black cat with resentment, Yu Miao was a little surprised for a moment.