I am repairing the tractor in 1970.

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There are seven or eight pirates left in Shandong who have not been wiped out. They have fled to Japan.". He instigated the Japanese king to say that the inland soldiers were arrogant and lazy, and that it was easy to win.

"Can we stop here?" Xu Xiangyang's voice was full of pain, and he knew that Wei Yan'an was for his own good, but now was really not the time to say that. No matter how calculating Song Miaoyan is, a girl will not make an issue of this kind of thing. Originally, Xu Xiangyang also wanted to fight for the university, but also to find the culprit to make him pay the price, but since Song Miaoyan knew that he had this plan, he has been crying to persuade him, let him go to college at ease, do not let her suffer in vain. She would rather die if he didn't go to school. Xu Xiangyang in the heart is particularly not taste, all because of his things will become like this, is now, Song Miaoyan is also wholeheartedly for his sake, but at this time, Wei Yan'an they are still under the banner of good for him, to find out the truth. What else is the truth?! He has been taking care of Song Miaoyan these two days. Now Song Miaoyan is not as cheerful as he used to be. He is so fragile that he has nightmares all night long. He is also haggard with the naked eye. Xu Xiangyang now dare not think about the initial cause of the process, it is the result is too tragic, he can not afford, Song Miaoyan can not bear the pain of cutting flesh and blood again. Don't pursue it any more, even if I beg you. Xu Xiangyang's condition is not good these days, the whole person fell into deep self-reproach and guilt. Wei Yan'an looked at Xu Xiangyang steadily, and after a while he said, "Good." Hearing Xu Xiangyang say that Wei Yan'an would not pursue this matter again, Song Miaoyan was completely relieved. She looked at Xu Xiangyang with a pale little face and swollen red eyes. "Brother Xiangyang, you go to school. I really don't need you to be responsible. No matter what happens, I am willing. My life has been destroyed. You can't be destroyed. You.." You should marry the person you like in the future, and that person is not me. "Don't be silly!"! I'll marry you if I say so. Xu Xiangyang gently rebuked Song Miaoyan, he paused, want to say something more, but no more promises can be said in any case. He married Song Miaoyan is only a responsibility, some words he simply can not go against the heart to say. Song Miaoyan put his hand under the quilt tightly,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but he still managed to pull out a weak smile on his face. "In the future, I'll talk about it later. I want to see you finish college well now. Brother Xiangyang, don't do anything stupid for me. If you are good, I can be good." Xu Xiangyang's eyes also turned red. He took Song Miaoyan's hand and nodded heavily. "Well, Brother Xiangyang promised you." Knowing Xu Xiangyang's attitude from Wei Yan'an, Lin Aiqing and Zhang Xiaohui had no choice, but they understood Xu Xiangyang's choice more. If this happened to others, those people might not have Xu Xiangyang like this, willing to shoulder the responsibility. Even if this responsibility, does not need him to undertake, they all respect Xu Xiangyang, since he does not want, they will not do superfluous things. It's just a pity that Xu Xiangyang. Don't worry about it. You're going to leave soon. Zhang Xiaohui also said this to Lin Aiqing. Lin Aiqing has been running for Xu Xiangyang these two days, checking the criminal record of the person in charge, and helping to inquire. In fact, the closer to leave, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Lin Aiqing is more busy, although things have been handed over, but the last few shifts always have to stand well. Repair station there, Lin Aiqing also want to teach Yang Tiedan some things, and Man Niu there, Lin Aiqing also intends to take advantage of the last few days, more personally with a belt. Then you.. Lin Aiqing is to see, although Wei Yan'an said not to let them manage, but he probably did not intend to really ignore the meaning. As for Zhang Xiaohui, she looked at Wei Yan'an, "I have to go to my own business, but if there is a place where I can be useful, squeak." Wei Yan'an nodded with a calm expression. In the repair station, as soon as Lin Aiqing entered, he was pulled out of the shop by Chen Yinhui and went to the roadside to talk. Chen Yinhui asked Lin Aiqing to be a matchmaker. She wanted to introduce a cousin to Yang Tiedan. "My sister graduated from high school. Although she is not particularly beautiful, she is also a beautiful girl. You have seen her when she came back to our shop last time.". ” In fact, the last time Chen Yinhui called her cousin over to play, it was Yang Tiedan's idea. Since Chen Yinhui entered the repair station, he has noticed Lin Aiqing's two apprentices. Although He Jiangxi is an educated youth, he looks more exquisite and gentle than Yang Tiedan, but Chen Yinhui really looks down on the character of He Jiangxi, and she also knows that he Jiangxi certainly looks down on her cousin's talent. Or Yang Tiedan good, local people, down-to-earth willing to work, appearance is not ugly, tall, and now there is a craft to eat, it is the best candidate to get married. If Chen Yinhui herself had been a few years younger and not married, she would have found Yang Tiedan's own partner, which was much better than the one in her family who kept her still and went backwards. To find a matchmaker at this time is not to find the kind of person who has a lot of connections, but to find a person who has a status like the leader. Originally Chen Yinhui also has some hesitation, Lin Aiqing is the master again, that is also an unmarried girl, but this matter, also is not more useful than Lin Aiqing to speak. As for Yang Tiedan's marriage, Tiedan Niang had taken Lin Aiqing's hand earlier, saying that her master could make decisions for Yang Tiedan, and if there was a girl she liked, she would just arrange for him. At that time listen to iron egg Niang that meaning, is as long as Lin Aiqing takes a fancy to it, Yang Tiedan's meaning is not important, listen to Lin Aiqing is dumbfounding. But now that a girl has taken a fancy to Yang Tiedan, she can also go and ask for help. Master, I'm not in a hurry. As soon as he heard about the object everywhere, Yang Tiedan's face turned red, especially red, "I want to work hard now, so as not to embarrass you." "Work is work, and if you have the right person, you should have a family." Lin Aiqing sees Yang Tiedan this coy appearance,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, feel this matter still has hope, talk about other girls before, but did not see Yang Tiedan so embarrassed. sxthsteel.com