How lucky I am to marry you.

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Then consult with the ministers. After that, the Minister of War, Lord Camisiro, recommended you. Your Highness is sure. That's about it. Specific, you ask me, I do not know ah. Du Wei smiled, took the appointment order, read it in his hand,Diameter tape measure, it was written in bl

Xiao Yue is also very anxious, she did not expect the second aunt to be able to say the words of the heart, fortunately Leng Qian did not take it to heart, if this is on other men, it may have destroyed the feelings of husband and wife. Mu Xianggong slightly narrowed his eyes, how could he smell a little conspiracy? Dear friends, have a nice weekend! Chapter 185 Mr. Xu has been crazy for a long time. "Dad!" Mu Jianguo felt that he had lost face. Mu old man's sharp eyes stare past, who dares to be presumptuous in front of his old man! Mu Licheng hurriedly winked at his wife and said with a smile, "Dad, don't be angry.". We won't disturb your rest. We'll go back now. After saying that, he pulled the second couple to stand up together. Mu old man snorted, do not buy his account, if really do not want to make him angry, how can you promise the second child to come together to embarrass three boys?! These two children, under the protection of him and the eldest child, have never suffered since childhood, but I am afraid that the comfortable life is too smooth. It will be cool to give him some tricks at the moment! "Wait!" Master Mu stopped them and said lightly, "Don't come over without my orders." "Dad.." Now the second and third families were in a panic. You don't have to say anything. Some things shouldn't be yours. You can't get them even if you grab them. Mu's expression was rather cold, and this was the first time he had spoken clearly in front of them. From the very beginning, he knew what his son was up to, and the reason why he didn't stop it was that he wanted them to be a good grindstone, so that the next leader of the Mu family he chose could better protect the foundation and foundation of the Mu family. He did all this for the sake of his family. And never feel guilty about your son. They are compared to others. From an early age, they had a good environment, both materially and spiritually, and did their best to receive the highest education, but they still grew into a crooked melon and cracked jujube, which only shows that their minds are not firm enough, of course, they can not shoulder the heavy responsibility. After the two sons left with different faces, Mu took a deep look at Mu Lengqian and went upstairs. Don't think he can't see that this boy is acting,Walking tape measure, knowing that this is also to protect his great-grandson, he will turn a blind eye. After Grandpa left, Gu raised his head from Mu Lengqian's arms. Speechless looking at him: "How can I cry?" Mu Lengqian spoiled the bridge of her nose, thin lips outlined a touch of evil radian: "You did not cry, my son cried." Obviously, he met the little girl first. Now that everyone is talking about Xu Dongsheng, don't blame him for being unsparing. Did his son cry? Hearing this, Mu Xianggong and Xiao Yue, who were beside him, felt the thunder rolling in the sky and stood up at the same time: "You go on, we go back to our room to sleep." Mu Lengqian raised his eyebrows slightly and said lightly to Mu Xianggong's back: "Go to bed so early. If you have time, you can ask Dr. Lu to come and have a look." ".." Gu long surprised stare big beautiful eyes, he really dare to say anything oh! Even the second brother used it to open the brush! Mu Xianggong's footsteps obviously staggered, this smelly boy, is he suspecting that there is something wrong with his body? Xiao Yue, who was walking ahead, Fiberglass tape measure ,Fish measuring board, obviously quickened his pace. Seeing this, Mu Xianggong hurriedly chased his wife upstairs. Tonight he would prove that as long as he worked hard, the seeds would blossom and bear fruit sooner or later! Mu Lengqian's black eyes, which were as deep as ink, narrowed slightly, and his thin lips were lightly hooked: "Wife, let's go back to sleep, too." Suddenly, the alarm bell in Gu's heart suddenly sounded. She deliberately stayed on Mu Lengqian's body and sniffed: "Husband, I hold me up. I don't want to go. I want to sleep." Just now a pair of eyes were still looking at him, but now the eyelids kept falling down? Sleepy just in time! Tut-tut, even he had to be alert as a little girl! "Good." Mu Lengqian raised a charming smile on his lips and walked upstairs with her in his arms. Goblin! Gu Manman closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. ...... Xiao Yue returned to the room and went into the bathroom with his pajamas. Just as she released the water, Mu Xianggong came in with his pajamas and stared at Xiao Yue with a pair of wolf-like eyes, "Wife, let's wash together." "Don't." Xiao Yue refused without thinking. Who would have thought that Mu Xianggong not only did not go out, but also came over deceiving himself. His powerful arm hugged her waist from behind and said, "Wife, the woman said she didn't want it, but she wanted it very much!" Xiao Yue frowned, took off his hands, and replied angrily, "I want it. All right, go out." "En." Mu Xianggong nodded with satisfaction, but the next sentence made Xiao Yue almost vomit blood, "I will do my best to satisfy you!" ".." Xiao Yue suddenly coughed, as if she was a woman with strong personality/desire, saying that he was trying his best to show off his animal desire?! Hugh Shuai Hall Blood. This damn man, she's so angry! "Let go of me and go out at once," Xiao Yue shouted with a sullen face. Unfortunately, she struggled and failed. Honey, don't be angry. I said something wrong. Mu Xianggong licked her red earlobe lightly, and her voice was so low and hoarse that it was full of desire/hope: "Wife, give birth to a child for me, I swear to love you, protect you, respect you all my life, plus 24-hour ATM, good morning alarm function, driver who goes out to pick you up.." Xiao Yue took a deep breath, the child is not what she wants to have, "you don't make trouble.." Her words were interrupted by a feeling of wetness and numbness coming from her neck. Mu Xianggong put his arms around her waist, lifted his arm forcefully, put the person into the white marble bath, and then stepped in himself. Hello, hello, hello Xiao Yue's refusal, on the contrary, aroused Mu Xianggong's greater desire to conquer. Kiss, fall gently. At the moment when the lips were close to each other,horse weight tape, his kiss was gradually aggravated, and his long tongue was very skillful in prying open her teeth, and could not resist the deep and sucking.