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Then consult with the ministers. After that, the Minister of War, Lord Camisiro, recommended you. Your Highness is sure. That's about it. Specific, you ask me, I do not know ah. Du Wei smiled, took the appointment order, read it in his hand,Diameter tape measure, it was written in bl

The last two words were spoken, and immediately everyone in the hall changed color, and one by one immediately made a noise. For a moment. Everyone in the hall sighed and whispered to each other. On the side, the court etiquette officer repeatedly reminded him. But also can not stop the discussion of these big men. Recommend the Duke of Tulips to the front as commander in chief? Camisillo. Is this guy stupid? A few days ago The royal family made it clear that there was a conflict with the tulip family, and even the regent was still nostalgic for the tulip. The Duke of Incense has left some favor and appreciation-but now this situation, whether in public or private, even if only to avoid suspicion. Then the Duke of Tulips is definitely no longer in command of the army. Right! Now this situation. The Duke of Tulip had better stay in the imperial capital and be honest, otherwise, once he is in power. But also the military power on the front line. So Once there is a situation where the monarch and his subjects are suspicious of each other. Everyone thought that Camisero must be out of his mind. To come up with such an idea! And 。 Some people even think that Camisillo deliberately made the Duke of Tulips a fire. Put it on the pile and bake it! At times like this. It's too late to hide. If we grasp the power again, it is the way to doubt! The hall talked for a long time, but no one dared to stand up and speak, while Prince Chen seemed to hesitate for a moment. A heavy expression on his face. In the end, it turned into the corners of the mouth. A faint smile. For a long time, he raised his hand and shouted discontentedly, "What's all the noise?"! Is this your own banquet hall? !” With his anger,tape measure clip, the hall was quiet again. Prince Chen walked down the steps, but this time he went directly to Camisero and stood in front of him. Condescending. Staring at Camisero kneeling there, Prince Chen. Eyes flashing, word by word, deep voice way: "Camisiro, you are recommending Du Wei to the front to take charge of the overall situation.". Isn't that right? “…… Yes Prince Chen,Surveyors tape measure, however, took a deep breath as if it was not enough. Repeated it again. This time also deliberately deepened the tone: "You mean, you want to let Du Wei as commander in chief, go!" The eastern front commands the front army? “…… Yes! "Camisilo was already sweating.". But he suddenly stamped his head and gritted his teeth. "Not bad," he said. That's what I mean. The hall was silent, and everyone stared nervously at Prince Chen. The regent closed his eyes. Took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again. Eyes is a strange light, mouth slowly spit out a word! "Yes!" After the meeting. Camisillo walked out of the hall and came to the palace square. But the whole person seems to have collapsed in general, only feel legs floating, soft, even walk. I couldn't walk steadily, and when the cold wind blew, Walking measuring wheel ,Wheel tape measure, I shivered and felt it. Their underwear has already been soaked with sweat! Anyway.. Subconsciously, he turned to look at the palace hall behind him and clenched his fists. Anyway.. My bet, however, was right. But. Can not help but also some wry smile in the heart. The old prime minister. You taught me to recommend Du Wei to hold the military power in public today. What does it mean? Remember that battle report, in fact, I read it first last night, last night. At home. The old Prime Minister Robschel stared at himself. At that time, the old man looked serious. But without hesitation, firmly told himself: tomorrow's meeting, let oneself do not worry, directly recommend Du Wei! At the same time, the old man said something inscrutable: "Don't be afraid to worry.". And don't worry if the regent suspects you! At times like this You openly recommend Du Wei, but it can be more obvious that you'get rid of '! And …… If I didn't If there is a wrong guess. I'm afraid even if you don't. In a few days, the regent will also send Du Wei to the front. Sure enough, the dying old man guessed right! Chapter 597 of the main text. Du Wei is in command. "What?"? Want me to go to the front? ?” Du Wei sat in the study. In front of him stood a court official who had come from the palace to deliver orders. The official held in his hand a letter of commission signed by the Prince Regent. However, Du Wei was appointed deputy commander of the Northern War Zone and chief garrison commander of the Eastern Fortress, responsible for presiding over the Eastern Fortress and six nearby military checkpoints. The five Imperial secondary fortresses are about. Three hundred miles long, the full power of the battle line! Such a document. It's like putting the war zone in front of you. More than two hundred thousand troops in the eastern exhibition area have been handed over to themselves! But Dewey. Sitting in the study, facing the official who came to the palace, there was no joy on his face. But also openly showed a kind of undisguised dissatisfaction. Du Wei, sitting in a wheelchair, came around from behind his desk and came to the palace official with a strange face. Pointing to his nose. He pointed to his leg again. Are you sure there's no mistake about this order? It can't be that His Royal Highness the Regent is drunk today. 。 Documents issued at random? "Du Wei blinked his eyes.". Frowning way: Look at me. Sitting in a wheelchair, a disabled person who can't even walk. Do you expect a man like me to go to the front? Do you think I can ride now? ? Can you fight with a sword? ?” The court official had a wry smile on his face, but he was also very helpless. He was just a small court official in charge of orders. Where could he answer Du Wei's question? With a bitter face, he begged softly, "My Lord Duke.". Don't embarrass me, I'm just in charge of giving orders. I don't understand this other thing either. Du Wei scratched his hair. Sighed softly: "Oh.". Tell me, what the hell is going on? "This.." Only then did the court official say, "a war report was sent from the front today.". His Royal Highness the Regent read it out in public in the main hall. Then consult with the ministers. After that, the Minister of War, Lord Camisiro, recommended you. Your Highness is sure. That's about it. Specific, you ask me, I do not know ah. Du Wei smiled, took the appointment order, read it in his hand,Diameter tape measure, it was written in black and white, the signature was complete, and then he nodded and touched it from his bosom.