The pregnancy storm

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You have to figure it out! If it wasn't for me, you'd be sleeping on the side of the road. She hastened to boast of her contribution. That's too much! Even if you didn't say thank you,endless pool swim spa, you'd burn the bridge. Maybe not only sleeping on the

He dragged her? There seems to be such a thing! He only remembered that it was a place full of noise, and he could not bear it any longer. He threw his glass and rushed out of the door. The question was, why did he bring her out with him? The brain cells in the alcohol were almost dead, and it was hard to figure out from the paste that this woman had accosted him in PUB; yes, that's right! It turned out to be a boring woman. He was sneering in the dark, ignoring that his tall body would have fallen down on the side of the main road if it hadn't been for the support of this boring woman. He's so heavy! She supported him with all her strength, and he clung to her faltering steps, and the moonlight lengthened their intertwined figures, askew like wounded soldiers after the rest of the war. I'll drive! She finally came to a conclusion. Why-why do you have to drive? Laugh-a joke! He raised his hand and waved it randomly in midair, a center of gravity was unstable, and the car key flew out smoothly from its owner and fell far away. Alas! It's true. She muttered and ran to pick up the key, and in less than ten seconds, when she came back, she saw him sitting on the ground, thanks to the wall behind him, or he would probably be lying down now. Get in the car! Please move-move quickly- "She tried desperately to pull him up, but he was so uncooperative, like a wayward child." No "No?"? Big brother! You are tall and powerful. How can I, a weak woman, pull you? Please have the goodness to exert yourself-hello! You're not moving? What do you want? If I tell you to move,garden jacuzzi tub, move! She couldn't help screaming. The silent night sky suddenly came alive in her protest, and anyone with normal hearing would never miss her high-decibel voice. You are so noisy. He also knew how to complain, which showed that he was not drunk, but at best drunk and stupid; otherwise he would not have thought that this boring woman had a kind face, as if he had seen it somewhere. It's a hallucination! The chance encounter tonight was just a chance encounter. However, the woman who met him by chance was panting like an ox and stuffed him into the car-whoosh! At last he was willing to move a little. She was busy getting into the driver's seat as she settled him. Putting down the hand brake and shifting into gear, the black car slowly drove into the fast lane,jacuzzi swim spa, and he fell into a silent state of not knowing whether he was fainting or sleeping. She squinted at the man beside her and muttered to herself, "It's a good thing I know where you live, or you can ask me to drive to the horizon." Turns out, he's not a hallucination. Too bad he couldn't hear what she said. As if curious, as if reluctant to leave, she could not help but look at him a few more times-a little disobedient hair from a head of the thick, lazy hanging on the forehead, across the closed eyes; Two dark, long eyelashes, there is a kind of intoxicating tenderness, surprise and envy is so unreal, his mind gradually emerged when he was refreshed, deep eyes like natural affection, bright and flawless, endless swimming pool ,endless swim pool, bright light like a group of condensed stars of the Milky Way, releasing bursts of bewitching attraction, eyes as the window of the soul. In fact, there was no understanding of the famous saying, but after meeting him, I finally understood it. One look, just one look. Her three souls and seven souls were scattered at the moment of the electric shock, and he completely subdued them, but the guy himself, who was the discharge, was unaware of it. He screwed her up. Alas! How could he know that there was a dull girl who did not want to eat and drink for him and whose beauty was emaciated? With a grunt, he rolled over. Tilt angle, at the right time to show his handsome and intact side face-straight bridge of the nose is also printed with a faint bruise, she can not help but ask herself again: who is he in conflict with tonight? Look at his usual gentle, really can not imagine his anger will be so big, but also fight with people! The alcohol, fueled by the flowing blood, began to do its work; he seemed to tug at his collar as if he could not bear the heat. In a twinkling of an eye, the buttons of his shirt broke free, exposing most of his chest. Not only that, she even saw the strong abdomen of a man. She blushed and quickly turned away. He's still sleeping like a dead man. In that case-she greedily peeped at him a few times, anyway, no one knows it! Although she was already red-faced, her head seemed to be running a high fever and could not cool down for a long time. Light brown complexion, solid muscles, through a bright moon, unexpected layers of luster. It turned out that a man's skin could be so smooth; a very different masculine beauty from a woman's, which made her dumbfounded and startled. In an instant, a sharp and long braking sound pierced the night sky, and even herself, the culprit of the noise, was startled. Jesus Christ! What is she doing! Unexpectedly, a man saw that he was driving and almost hit the street lamp. Thanks to her immediate recovery, it was so dangerous! Eh? She poked her head out and looked around. Well, yes, this is the mansion where he lives. Oh-pain- "Fortunately, she heard a low hoarse moan from him, who should have been sleeping.". He held his head and cursed a few words, which seemed to be really painful. Embarrassed, she almost drove someone else's car to the street lamp KISS, which made him hit him again. It seemed that the emergency brake just now was really powerful. In a completely relaxed state, he completely lost the ability to resist the sudden disaster and rushed directly to the hard plaque in front of him. He was afraid that the dead would be hit alive. Are you all right? She leaned over and asked in a low voice. He's still holding his head. Reluctantly, he rolled up his eyelids and stared at her half squinting: "Who allows you to drive my car?"! Why are you still hanging on? Tut! This woman is like superglue; she still clings to him. He thought angrily. You have to figure it out! If it wasn't for me, you'd be sleeping on the side of the road. She hastened to boast of her contribution. That's too much! Even if you didn't say thank you,endless pool swim spa, you'd burn the bridge. Maybe not only sleeping on the side of the road, you are more likely to cause an accident after drinking, and now you have been arrested to the police station. I'm trying to help you! 。