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You have to figure it out! If it wasn't for me, you'd be sleeping on the side of the road. She hastened to boast of her contribution. That's too much! Even if you didn't say thank you,endless pool swim spa, you'd burn the bridge. Maybe not only sleeping on the

Their previous position coordination was a routine they had practiced, subconsciously looking at the position of Jun Moxiao and Hai Wuliang, but now they suddenly realized that the end of the broken river, the edge of the map, was a second kill point that needed to be taken into account. In view of the characteristics of the end of the broken river, there have been various tactics. However, this picture, which has been smashed, has not been selected by the professional circle for a long time. For this tactical drill, where will there be any team to practice? Maybe everyone still has some memories in their hearts. However, the teammates at that time were not what they are today. Different professions, the way of cooperation is naturally different, if we awaken the consciousness and habits of memory to fight, it may conflict with today's team structure. Thinking of this, several players of Baihua suddenly realized the horror of Xingxin's selection. Familiar picture, that is needless to say. It is easy to cooperate with others. Unfamiliar pictures, then observe more, be more cautious,hot tub manufacturers, and try not to make mistakes. And the Broken River, which was familiar in the past but is now abandoned, has some specious memories in everyone's heart. Are these memories accurate? When the outcome of the game is put on these memories, 。 The players of Hundred Flowers are full of uncertainty. They have doubts, fearing that their vague and uncertain memories will lead to fatal mistakes. The Hundred Flowers players hesitated. At the same time, they knew very well in their hearts that this was the intention of Xingxin to choose this picture. At this time, it depends on whether they are resolute enough. And from the actual scene. They are obviously not resolute enough. After Ye Xiu said that,outdoor spa manufacturers, several characters of Baihua were constantly adjusting their positions. Obviously, they could not find their memories. At that time, there were Sun Zheping and Zhang Jiale in the team. "Veteran Zhang Wei thought of the scene of fighting beside the Broken River when the flowers were flourishing in the past." At that time, the days of fighting behind the captain were really refreshing. Zhou Guangyi remembered the time when he followed Han Wenqing to fight in the desert when he was still in Batu. At that time.. Zou was far from the player who entered the league in the seventh season at that time. At that time, this picture was not very useful. For the picture of the broken river. He really doesn't have any systematic professional experience. Where is Mo Chuchen? Mo Chuchen was also a little nervous at this time. Because of what Ye Xiu just said. In this place, hit the other side out of the waterfall on a hit will kill, what is the use of the priest back blood? Treat this yourself How to help the team here? Hundred flowers, please. Each has its own ideas, and for a time the position is even more scattered. How could Ye Xiu and Fang Rui miss such an opportunity? Sky Bomb Fang Rui's infinite sea flew up, and a strong airflow came from his palms and fell straight into the array of flowers. All of a sudden, the Hundred Flowers players were pulled into the battle, and the evasion of the blow was so stiff that anyone could see it. They're prioritizing staying away from the waterfall at the end. Just dodge, several people have no sense of counterattack for a while. Fang Rui did not receive any interference after the sea's infinite bombardment of the sky cannon, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, and in midair he rubbed his hands together and flew out with an air blade. This air blade is completely condensed by the breath of the Qigong master. It is shapeless and has no light and shadow effects. The only trace of it is the fluctuation of the air flow flowing through the air when it is emitted. It is an extremely hidden flying prop skill. Even if this attack is detected, because it can not capture the specific form, it is difficult to grasp the distance, the timing of evasion or defense can not be accurately judged, can only be detected on the flash, safety first. Zou yuan saw the sea infinite hand a rub, the air neutral when a ripple shakes, knows is the gas blade, hurriedly immediately lets the flower numerous like brocade toward the side a roll. But unexpectedly this ripple across the track is not a straight line, but a wretched arc, deviated from the track Zou yuan thought, but eventually hit the Ao Feng Canhua, the priest of the Hundred Flowers Team. Ye Xiu has just said that the combat treatment here is useless, but when this sharp attack is launched, the final point is the treatment of flowers. Mo Chuchen completely unprepared, Ao Feng Canhua Dun was hit by this gas blade. There are no dramatic effects like blood or fire, but the damage of this hit is not much worse than those of brilliant attacks, and it has a lot of impact. Ao Feng Canhua, who had been hit by this blow, immediately stumbled. The infinite sea fell from the sky and stretched out his hand to take it to Ao Feng Canhua. As a result, with a flash of light, Zhou Guangyi's assassin Ji Leng came out from the side in time and cut off the infinite sea. "Don't laugh." Veteran Zhang Wei in the end is battle-hardened, Fang Rui's boundless fierce attack, but he did not neglect to guard against Ye Xiujun Mo Xiao. Just when everyone was paying attention to Hai Wuliang, Zhang Wei saw Jun Moxiao raise his hands and put on a posture. Isn't it the skill of a Qigong master to catch clouds? The channel hurriedly reminded the crowd, Zou yuan reacted the fastest, regardless of the situation, the flowers turned around and shot at Jun Moxiao. Ye Xiu had no choice but to operate and dodge, but the sneak attack failed. Come here. "Mo Chuchen, who was saved by Zhou Guangyi, directed his Ao Feng Canhua to drill into the stone forest on one side. His idea was quite simple.". Since the end of the broken river makes everyone a little confused, it's better to stay away from the battle there. Go over there. The copy Zou yuan approved Mo Chuchen's idea and instructed the whole team to stay away from fighting here. In fact, Zou yuan was the least affected by the special terrain, but he could see the hesitation of other teammates in that place. Hundred flowers four dozen two, did not go to the confrontation, but first thought about the tactical shift. Ao Feng Canhua ran the fastest, and the other three also fought and went this way. Seeing the waterfall farther and farther away, the heart just began to feel at ease, the front suddenly a muffled sound, happily ran into the stone forest of Aofeng residual flowers directly flew out. Cold smoke soft, directly a Haolong broken army killed from the inside. Ao Feng Canhua has been hit by this blow, but it has not stopped the oncoming force of Hao Long's broken army. Zou yuan three people in a hurry to dodge left and right,Whirlpool bathtub, Ye Xiu and Fang Rui a look immediately came to the spirit. Grab one, "Ye Xiu shouted." Okay, which one? "Fang Rui replied.". monalisa.com