I am the ultimate boss of online games

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You have to figure it out! If it wasn't for me, you'd be sleeping on the side of the road. She hastened to boast of her contribution. That's too much! Even if you didn't say thank you,endless pool swim spa, you'd burn the bridge. Maybe not only sleeping on the

Melbourne suddenly stretched out his left hand and snapped his fingers, and then a bunch of purple flowers with some bright colors appeared in his hand out of thin air. Without seeing how he moved, the flower suddenly flew lightly towards his little hand. Touch the little hand also did not care about this looks not very good skill, just casually picked off the flower, but did not want to touch the flower in the moment suddenly a stiff body, can not move! Fuck! Stiff effect! Heard the system prompt to touch the small hand to scold secretly, did not expect that this light is the skill which looks fancy is actually the paralysis skill! "Overlord!" "Bloody battles in all directions!" No longer dare to be careless, open the overlord state, enter the overlord body effect immune to all control skills at the same time, also dispelled the paralysis effect on the body, of course, also began to lose 1% of the blood per second, at the same time open the blessing skills bloody battle in all directions, defense speed and blood volume are doubled, once again toward Melbourne to kill. Melbourne is also a slightly heavy face, did not expect the Chinese war zone gun soldiers can also remove the control skills, and then a snap of the fingers, is a red flower to touch the small hand floating past, at the same time began to retreat. Had a lesson to touch the little hand this time did not dare to touch the red flower, just want to go around but do not want to be close enough when the red flower suddenly dazzling a bright, and then a violent explosion! "Boom!" “-3240!” The dusty face rushed out of the fire,endless pool factory, Melbourne's attack is indeed very high, but after opening the bloody battle, the blood volume of the little hand has exceeded 30,000, so it is not too hurt, and because the speed of movement doubled, it will be able to stick to Melbourne's body immediately, touch the little hand has been a vicious smile. Sweep! Euphorbia originally is a long weapon,jacuzzi manufacturers, the attack distance is far more than the general close combat sword, so there are still a few positions away from Melbourne to touch the small hand to swing round and ask the sky halberd sweep past. Melbourne, who knew how to touch the small hand injury, dared not take it by force, but used the space folding skill again, and appeared not far away in the blink of an eye. I'm waiting for you! Being pulled away to touch the small hand is a pair of do not care, on the contrary, also in the grasp of the look, the gun head a turn! "Charge!" The general close-fitting skills of the warrior profession are reserved for use after the displacement of Melbourne! "Chop!" Melbourne, who had just appeared, saw his little hand turn into a streamer and rush over, and the halberd was already held high, waiting to be smashed down! Melbourne's face changed again, however, at the moment when it was about to be split, China spa factory ,endless swim spa, it was space folding again! On the other side, after death pointed to Melbourne, Lingmu rushed to Thor. Although Thor reacted very quickly, he could not escape the kiss of extreme cold and was frozen into ice. But just for a moment, a lightning shield suddenly appeared on Thor's body to dispel the frozen state. Lingmu also does not care, the arrow of the ice soul and the underworld blast have thrown up one after another, at the same time also in the non-stop approach to Thor. “-3108!” “-2898!” The Arrow of the Ice Soul and the Hades Explosion are all falling on Thor, but obviously Thor's lightning shield has increased a lot of law defense, there should be damage absorption and other effects, the damage caused is not very optimistic, you should know that Lingmu's attack has now broken through 10000, and there are drinking magic swords that ignore 50% of the defense! Even so, Thor was shocked! I know the effect of my own skills, but I was knocked out of 6000 blood by two skills! Thor is frightened, Lingmu is not surprised, Thor's profession is clearly Thunder Mage, crisp skin profession, after losing 6000 life value, the blood bar is only half empty! Nima! Is Thor a mage who adds points to all? So meaty? Thor's face was dignified, the silver hammer in his hand suddenly lifted to the sky, and the wind and clouds changed greatly in an instant! The sky, which had been gloomy, suddenly lit up with thunder and lightning! Not only that, countless Razers spread in the sky for a few moments and formed a huge eye! Eyes made of thunder and lightning! The eye of thunder and lightning slowly opened, took a look at Lingmu, and then countless Razer fell, submerged Lingmu in the sea of thunder! Ling Mu also intended to try the damage of Thor at the beginning, carrying a few Razer with the shield of the nether world and ice armor. -510!” “-498!” “-504!” I didn't expect the damage to be so high! You are the first Thor in the Russian war zone! Thunder Mage looks like a hidden profession, and his power is amazing in his hands! Lingmu also did not want to resist, although he had a lot of blood, but safety first, so a dark flash appeared beside Thor, directly wielding the magic sword to cut up. Thor eyes obviously had a stupefied, obviously did not expect Yushu Lingfeng will suddenly move to his side and then cut him with a physical attack? But after a stupefied, Thor's eyes are a burst of ecstasy! The silver hammer, which was also swinging around the arc and crackling, hit Lingmu with a hammer! "Chi!" "Bang!" “-13800!” “-2480!” Accompanied by a loud noise and two injuries, Lingmu flew out directly under the flashing light of his whole body and fell to one side for half a day without getting up. Fuck! This Thor can also attack at close range! That hammer can not only use skills, but also have flying and paralyzing effects! Lingmu secretly scolded unceasingly! Thor is unbearable, Yushu Lingfeng a sword cut in the body unexpectedly burst out such a 13 thousand damage! Life value directly bottomed out! Only the last trace of blood left! Less than 100 blood! Almost seconds! Thor was scared out of his wits! How dare you stay! Turn around and run in an instant! A teleportation left Lingmu's sight! "Nima, don't run!" Lingmu is now relieved of paralysis, but also want to chase, but where there is the shadow of Thor, secretly annoyed, just now he saw the amount of Thor's blood, unexpectedly so little! You can kill him if you make up for it casually! —— Thanks to Bai Ze's big male God for his support! Chapter 258 Vortex. But since Thor ran away Lingmu also has no way, he is an instant move away,indoor endless pool, Lingmu's dark flash is still cooling, there is no skill to catch up with him. So I can only turn around, there is a Melbourne here!. monalisa.com