The Count of Monte Cristo

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The prisoner was at first very glad to be out on the sea; he took a deep breath of the fresh air, which was free, and he felt a sense of comfort; but soon he sighed, for he was passing by La Rserve's, where he had been so happy that morning, and now, through the open window, he heard others dancing and laughing. The sound of noise. Dants clasped his hands in front of his chest, and threw himself on his back in prayer. The boat went on. They had passed Mulder's Gap, and now they were in front of the lighthouse, and were about to go around the battery. Dantès was somewhat puzzled by this route. Where are you taking me? He asked. You'll find out later. "But-" "We are under orders not to give you any explanation." Dantès sank, knowing that it was useless to ask a question from a subordinate who had been ordered not to answer. At that moment, some strange idea came to his mind that the boat they were in could not make a long voyage, and that there was no galleon moored outside the harbor; It seemed a good omen that they might let him go in some very remote place, that he was not bound, that they had not the slightest intention of handcuffing him, and that the substitute judge, who had treated him charitably, had not told him that he should not mention the terrible name of Noirtier, and that he should not be afraid to say nothing. Did not the deputy judge destroy the fatal letter in his presence, and the only evidence against him was gone,massage bathtub manufacturers, so he waited without a word, trying to see the course in the darkness. They had passed the island of Rantonio, where the lighthouse stood on their right, and were now on the sea opposite the Catalans. The prisoner's eyes widened, and he seemed to discern the woman's figure in the sand, for Mercédès was there. How could she not have a premonition that her lover was by her side? A light was still dimly discernible, and Dant recognized it as Mercds room; Mercds was that only one of the inhabitants of the small village who was still asleep,best whirlpool tub, and he longed to call out so that she might hear his voice, but he did not, for what would the gendarme think if they heard him shouting like a madman. He remained silent, but his eyes were fixed on the light, the boat went on, and he was thinking of Mercds. A raised plateau blocked the light. Dantès turned his head, and saw that they were already at sea, and that, while he mused, they had already set sail. Dantès, however reluctant to question him, turned to the gendarme who had approached him, and seized his hand. Friend, as a Christian and a sailor, I beg you to tell me where we are going? I am Captain Dants, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool hot tub spa, a loyal Frenchman, and I have been falsely accused of being a traitor. Please tell me where you are taking me, and I assure you on my honor that I will resign myself to my fate. The gendarme looked irresolutely at his companion, who, with a deep sigh, seemed to say that it would be all right to tell him. Then the gendarme replied, "How could you, a native of Marseilles and a sailor, not know where you were going?" "In good conscience, I have no idea." "That's impossible." I swear to you, it is. Tell me, I beg you. "But what about the order?" That order did not prevent you from telling me what I must have known ten minutes ago, half an hour, or an hour from now. Don't let me be stuffy in the gourd, you see, I regard you as a friend, I don't want to resist and run away, and I can't do such a thing, where on earth are we going? "Unless you are blind or have never been out of Marseilles, you must know." "Then look around!" Dantès rose and looked ahead. A hundred yards away, on the black rocks, he saw the Chateau d'If. For more than three hundred years, this ghastly prison had been the source of so many terrible legends, that when he appeared before Dants' eyes, he was like a condemned prisoner who sees the guillotine. Chateau d'If? He shouted, "What are we going to do there?" The gendarmes just laughed. I wasn't detained there, was I? Said Dantès, "that is the place of important political prisoners.". I didn't commit a crime. Is there a judge in the Chateau d'If? There was only a warden, a guard, some prisoners, and a thick wall. "Well, don't pretend to be surprised, or I'll think you're repaying my kindness with ridicule." "So I'm going to be locked up here, too?" "Maybe so.". But it won't help you to squeeze my hand so tightly. "Without any formalities?" "Everything has been done." "So that there is no need to consider the wishes of M. de Villefort?" "We do not know what M. de Villefort has wished for you." Said the gendarme, I know we are taking you to the prison of Yves. Why, what do you want, my friend? Seize him! The gendarme's trained eye saw only a sudden movement, the moment when Dantès sprang forward to plunge into the sea; but four strong arms seized him, so that his feet seemed to be nailed to the floor, and he fell, screaming wildly, into the cabin. Several gendarmes put their knees on his chest and said, "So that's the credit of your sailors!"! Stop believing all this sweet talk! Listen, Monsieur, my friend, I have disobeyed my first order,whirlpool hot tub, but I will not disobey the second; if you move, I will blow your head off. "He pointed his gun at Dants, who felt it pressed against his head.".