The imperial concubine is a ruthless Buddhist tyrant, and you are free.

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You have to figure it out! If it wasn't for me, you'd be sleeping on the side of the road. She hastened to boast of her contribution. That's too much! Even if you didn't say thank you,endless pool swim spa, you'd burn the bridge. Maybe not only sleeping on the

She was wondering if a small Mandarin duck roll could make him behave badly, and if he ate more, it would seriously affect him! One color in the heart, for this possibility, this is the weakness of the tyrant, right? It's strange, as strange as her rhythm. The moment Chi Yu was stuffed in his mouth, he was in a tyrannical mood and wanted to kill people! But this impulse was miraculously suppressed in the face of the same color, half suppressed when she saw her blank and stupefied look, and then completely suppressed when she saw her eyes turn to inquiry. He calmed down more quickly than he could have imagined. Yan Yise's mind did not deceive his eyes, thinking that he had found his weakness? With a sneer in his heart, Chi Yu loosened the big palm of his wrist as if nothing had happened, and a circle of deep red marks on his snow-white skin was clear and dazzling. No next time! Touch Gu at will again, Gu cuts off your hand! Chi opened his mouth coldly, as if he had just lost his temper because of the offense in his words and actions, not because of a dessert. The words were surprised that Chi Yu, who was full of evil spirit, had not broken out, and that he had just said that, no matter how he listened, he felt that he was trying to cover it up! She offended him not once or twice, not to mention the night they met for the second time, she also hugged him, did not see him so big reaction! The words are thoughtful. Chi didn't want to look at her face, which was lost in thought. Maybe she could really figure something out. His dark red eyes suddenly rolled up thick black clouds and mists, raised his hand with a strange speed, and cut a knife on the neck of Yan Yise. Of course, the words could not be avoided, a pain and a faint, the body was soft and fell down, Chi Yu held her in one hand, carried her on his shoulder, went to the imperial concubine's couch in the inner room, gently put it down. Mo Shu hid three feet away to observe for a long time, but there was no movement in the tent where Chi Yu and Yan Yise were. Liu Si and Shallow Fall, who were waiting outside the tent, did not respond. Strange Inside is very quiet,hot tub wholesale, possibly is your majesty in the speech imperial concubine's scream did not export already killed her, but so long, how did your majesty oneself also not come out? Mo Shu was so curious that he couldn't help approaching the tent where Chi Yu was. When he saw her, he was also curious. "Miss Mo Shu, how did you sneak around?" Mo's face sank and he was about to retort when he saw the curtain lifted and a cold Chi Yu came out. Ink book, put away the things inside. "Yes, Your Majesty!" Chi Yu walked away, Mo Shu a face silly, can not believe that his Majesty's breath is actually peaceful, of course, is still a very stressful momentum, but. It was nothing compared to what she had imagined! "Miss Moshu, do you need any help?" Shallow sound to remind, ink book instantly back to God, "no." She went in first to see the situation. There was no one inside, no corpse, and no smell of blood. The ink book was very confused, and the five senses were multiplied. Suddenly, she heard the sound of breathing. Mo Shu followed the sound and saw Yan lying well on the couch, jacuzzi bath spa ,jacuzzi suppliers, with a ruddy complexion and steady breathing. Looks like he just passed out. Out of his mind, Mo Shu packed up the Mandarin duck rolls he had made for Chi Yu and walked out of the tent in a daze, his head full of questions. What happened between Your Majesty and Concubine Yan when she was away? Why is the result peaceful? What your majesty hates most is eating, not to mention that the imperial concubine rashly stuffed his food! Even if Your Majesty loses his temper and razes this place to the ground, she doesn't think it's an exaggeration! Why on earth? …… As soon as she woke up, she fainted until it was dark. When she woke up and opened her eyes, Liu Si's pretty and cold face came over at the right time and smiled, "Empress, you're awake!" Touching his neck, which was still a little painful, he sat up, glanced at the bright candles around him, and asked in a muffled voice, "Is it dark?" "Yes, dinner is over, put it in the palace, and now the empress has gone to bed.". ” The words one color listens, the misty brain suddenly sobers up, so late? Recalling the incident of Chi Kui knocking her out, he thought about it and analyzed a possibility. He was afraid that he was angry from embarrassment, so he knocked her out! Beg an eye not to see not clean! "Empress, come and have dinner." Yan Yise stretched and walked over, sat down, the line of sight in front of the food swept, only to smell the smell, we know that it is not made of ink books! She picked up the spoon, stirred the white porridge in the bowl, watched the rice grains floating and sinking, took a deep breath of the light fragrance floating up, and smiled on her lips. She scooped up a mouthful with a spoon and was about to eat it when she ran in with a panicked face. She panted, "Empress, the snow words are gone!" Text 058 Strange Yan Yise's hand holding the spoon just paused, and a mouthful of fragrant glutinous porridge was steadily put into his mouth, swallowed slowly, and opened his mouth unhurriedly, "How did it disappear?" Shallow settled the mood, the young baby face gradually calm, "half an hour ago, the maidservant went to the snow word tent to give him dinner, but found that he was not there, asked the people nearby, said they did not see him out, the maidservant took a few people to search in the station, nothing." Liu Si frowned slightly and asked in reply, "Did he slip away quietly and go back to the palace alone?" After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and denied it. "According to my understanding of Xue Ci, he is a man who attaches great importance to love and righteousness and keeps his promise. Since he said today that he would obey the orders of the empress and stay here, he should not sneak back to the palace alone. Besides, even if he did so, he should leave a note or something to explain his whereabouts, so that we don't have to go to a lot of trouble to find him." Liu Si nodded, it was reasonable, and asked something else to Shallow. Words do not say a word, quietly listening to two people to analyze the reasons for the disappearance of snow words, eating their own cakes, drinking their own porridge, chewing slowly. When they had racked their brains and had no idea, she just finished eating, wiped her hands, stood up slowly,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, went to the imperial concubine's couch, took the dagger that Chi had given her, and put it in her sleeve pocket. She smiled and glanced at Liu Si and Qian Luo. "Go and have a look." 。