Get into trouble with the CEO, the king of the underworld

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It was really beautiful. Jin Lin, who was sitting on the sofa watching the snow after playing chess, felt that he could forgive Xi Hang for being an hour late. Just, finally the snow did not know when to stop,tile trim factory, he did not come. How can this man be like this. Jin Lin lay in

Szeto Huang thought, his mind instantly recalled the woman who had just passed by. She lowered her head and dressed strangely, at least not in the way people in their circle would dress. But it is so strange, but there is a familiar feeling. "Szeto's eyes suddenly widened, and his deep eyes were bottomless." It turns out! I can't believe it. ! Language, language ! So you took off your makeup. It's like this! I should say that you are a little pure and thorough. ? Or do you really have two different temperaments? ?” Very good! When I get this Italian thing out of the way. ! I'll play with you. !” "Lu Xiaoyu!"! Just wait !” "Your happy days won't last long!" Szeto emperor vowed to say, turned to look out of the French window, that a blue sky, some dazzling. It's like a funny mark left by a woman, but it's so ironic and provocative. Taipei? Nice place ……” Under a clear blue sky, the streets of Rome, Italy, are crowded with people. After Lu Xiaoyu left the hotel,stainless tile trim, he stopped a taxi and went straight to Rome airport. The moment I sat in the car, I couldn't help feeling excited. I haven't been back to Taipei for five years. That's where she was born and raised. At this moment, that kind of complex feeling is really hard to express. It's like a tired bird trying to fly back to the big tree that belongs to it. Although that home, there is no one waiting for her. It doesn't matter! She is a person herself. ! Doesn't matter ! Fortunately, there is still a half-dead uncle at home. ! Alas ! Right ! I wonder if Chubby has flown to Taipei for filming. ? Lu Xiaoyu thought about it and raised a smile at the corners of his mouth. She turned to look out of the window,stainless steel tile edging, and somehow someone's face appeared. But his comely and handsome facial features still make him very excited. She did not want to think about it, but slowly closed her eyes. Want to disperse the shadow, do not want to struggle. In the darkness, however, a pair of deep and incomparable eyes were staring at him brightly. The next second, she opened her eyes in a panic. The heartbeat was a little violent, and he reached out to cover his heart, trying to suppress the throb. Just now in an instant, the eyes that flashed in my mind were none other than Szeto Emperor! Lu Xiaoyu! What's wrong with you? ? How can you think of that international lady-killer? ? Could it be. How is that possible, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel edge trim, huh? Must be five years too long. ! Even with a dog. There will also be feelings! Besides, the other side is a person. ! Yes ! Right, right, right ! That's all ! Nothing ! She comforted herself and raised her head confidently. Beautiful Taipei! I'm coming ! Uncle Fox ! Here I am ! And fat and chubby ! Here I am ! Everything beautiful Lu Xiaoyu is back! Oh, yeah !” The taxi drove all the way to the Rome airport. Lu Xiaoyu paid the money and got off. The car door opened, the sun was shining, and she narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled as she walked into the airport lobby. After that, I bought the fastest flight ticket to Taipei very smoothly. She waited alone in the waiting hall. Holding the plane ticket in my hand, I was excited again. When you go back, you must eat and drink enough and sleep for three days and three nights to make up for the suffering you have suffered in Italy for five years! Finally, I saw the row of scrolling subtitles on the LCD screen in the waiting hall, showing the flight entries I wanted to take. Lu Xiaoyu stood up from the waiting table, no luggage, no relatives and friends to send her, nothing! Just like when she came. A lonely man. Taipei, here I come! "She is an optimist and does not feel lonely at all.". He raised his head high and walked towards the ticket gate. Half an hour later, a plane took off from the runway and finally flew into the blue sky. The five years belonging to Italy have come to an end. The disappearance of the feather shadow represents the return of Lu Xiaoyu. The King of the Underworld: In the Eyes of Others After more than ten hours of flight, the plane finally flew out of Italy and arrived at Taipei Airport. At this moment, Lu Xiaoyu walked alone in the passage. Feet on this piece of land, only to feel that solid. Nothing. It's nothing with empty hands. But the heart is empty, but it is a little uncomfortable. The platinum necklace in the neck is still hanging with the golden amber stone. All of a sudden, I remembered everything in the past. Perhaps only in front of him, she would be so uneasy and frightened, not like Lu Xiaoyu in the eyes of others! And what he said back then Still so real. Ear, heavy ring familiar male voice. "Small language!"! Do you like this one? ?」 "What is this?" This is Amber! It means in Latin. "Essence". It is a kind of resin fossil formed after the resin was buried in the ground tens of millions of years ago and underwent certain chemical changes. Isn't that an antique? Is it very expensive? ?」 "Eh?"? What about this I won't tell you! It's a secret ! As long as Xiaoyu likes it. ! You like it? ?」 I like it! Qi Lei ! But ……」 No buts! I'll put it on for you. ! What about this It's like my heart for you! As a protector by your side. !」 "Qi Lei, where are you going?" "Oh!"! The company has been a little busy recently. ! So I can't be with you very often? !」 It doesn't matter! Work is more important !」 Eighteen-year-old Lu Xiaoyu simply and almost idiotically fell in love with a 23-year-old man. But in the end.. There is no last.. Lu Xiaoyu lowered his head and looked at his feet. Pinch your fingers and calculate that it is exactly five years. Did it have nothing to do with the sudden attack at that time that he would agree to his uncle's request? She is always free and easy. And will not be fettered by anything. The reason why I promised my uncle was that I just wanted to leave! Leave Taipei, leave the city that makes her sad. He reached out and stroked his long fluffy hair, and when he turned his head, he saw the passengers passing by in a hurry. Or intimate couples, or old couples working hand in hand,metal trim manufacturers, or busy white-collar workers, or tourists. Everyone seems to have their own direction and purpose, but what about her.