The dumb wife is as sweet as honey & strong lock marriage: Fu Shao's dumb new a deep lake

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She took a breath and turned to look out of the window. After a moment of silence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she said faintly, "Let me tell you a story." Without waiting for Su Xiang to say anything, she began to speak.

Even if she introduced that this brand of milk powder is good, she should know about it. Don't you have a look? Du Ruohan smiled and said, "Didn't you say Fu Ying ate well? I believe you." She said so, Su Xiang pursed her lips and smiled, and could not say anything more. Du Ruohan pushed the shopping cart forward, and they went to the baby's clothing area together. Su Xiang looked at her standing still again and glanced at her. Out shopping is about Du Ruohan, how to see her sick, but also unhappy. She moved on the mobile phone, Du Ruohan lowered his eyes and watched her operate on the mobile phone. Do you want it to be a boy or a girl? Su Xiang finished by voice, holding a pink and blue baby suit in one hand. Du Ruohan's child is still some time away from birth, but as an expectant mother, she is looking forward to the arrival of the child, so it is normal to prepare in advance. "All right," said Du Ruohan lightly. She put both baby clothes into the shopping cart and did not look at them twice. Su Xiang pursed her lower lip and looked at her and said in voice,heavy duty metal racks, "Are you tired?" "Shall we go and have a rest first?" Du Ruohan shook his head: "It's all right." She glanced at Su Xiang's shopping cart, which contained only a few cans of milk powder, and said, "Go and see Fu Ying's clothes." Su Xiang nodded and walked together to the baby's clothes. Su Xiang looked at the clothes and couldn't help smiling on his face. She likes to buy clothes for Fu Ying, but the little guy doesn't like to dress up. These sailor suits,mobile racking systems, little suits, are so cute. Su Xiang holds each set in his hand and touches the fabric, feels the softness of these fabrics, and compares the size. Then her smile fell slowly. Infants grow up very quickly. The last time she saw Fu Ying, the spring clothes she bought for him were a little small. Su Xiang looked at the size of the clothes, hesitating to buy how big, next to a mother with children to buy clothes. The mother also took a fancy to the clothes in Su Xiang's hand and said with a smile, "Hello, can you show me this dress?" Su Xiang nodded and handed her the clothes. The mother looked happy and took the clothes off the hanger neatly: "Baby, put on the new clothes to see if they are handsome." Su Xiang looked at the child in the sailor suit smiling in front of the mirror, warehouse storage racks ,warehousing storage solutions, bowing his head and touching his little hand on the clothes like it very much, um. Her Fu Ying must be more handsome than him. Unfortunately, her Fu Ying is not around. Su Xiang shyly pulled back his eyes and looked at the hanger to choose again. At this time, Du Ruohan's voice suddenly came from the side. My friend took a fancy to this dress first. Please give it back to her. Her voice was a little sharp, which startled Su Xiang. Memory of Du Ruohan has always been very gentle, even speaking will not be loud, how suddenly became fierce up. It turned out that the mother had planned to buy the dress. The mother looked at Du Ruohan in horror and quickly comforted her child. Then she said, "She gave us the clothes. How can you be like this? You didn't take yours!" "She doesn't care about you because she can't speak. Do you know how long she's been looking at this dress?" Su Xiang hurriedly pressed it on his mobile phone. At this time, the shop assistant came over and persuaded him: "This dress is still available. I'll go and get another one." "No, my friend took a fancy to this one first. Why did you bully her?" Su Xiang finally typed all the words in a hurry. "I'm sorry," she said. "My friend is not in a good mood. Please give me back my clothes.". It's true that I've been looking at it for a long time just now. I'm going to buy it. I just lend it to you to try on first. Su Xiang looked at Du Ruohan, do not know how she would suddenly lose such a big temper, but she is now pregnant, temper suddenly irritable is normal. The mother looked at Su Xiang and realized that she was a deaf-mute when she saw her voice on her mobile phone. She immediately returned the clothes to her and said to the salesperson who brought another set of clothes, "Forget it. I don't want this dress." It's really depressing to get into trouble with a mute and a madman. In the teahouse, Su Xiang said in voice, "Du Ruohan, are you unhappy?" Du Ruohan stared at Su Xiang's cell phone and suddenly said, "Can I have a look at your cell phone?" Su Xiang is stupefied, her mobile phone has what good-looking. She handed it over. Du Ruohan is not concerned about her mobile phone, but the software that can convert text into voice. She stretched out her finger and tried to press it up, and her gentle voice came out. Su Xiang, can I trust you? Are you still worried about the latest chapter you can't find? Amway one or search hot/degree/net/article "Remember to remove"/ "when searching, otherwise you can't find it", here is a little sister to help you find books and chat with you. I'm at the door of your house now. Can you come back? Su Xiang blinked her eyes at Du Ruohan, and her expression was very dignified. Su Xiang nodded, aren't they good friends? Du Ruohan looked at her solemnly: "Well, then you must remember what you promised me. You must not betray me." Su Xiangwei twisted her eyebrows. She didn't know why she suddenly became so serious. She didn't know what had happened to her. She reached for her cell phone and wrote, "Du Ruohan, is there something wrong with you?" You.. Your husband? Think of just now she suddenly lost control for a dress. A woman suddenly becomes sensitive and insists on other people's promises, mostly because there is something wrong with her family. But Su Xiang remembered that the person in her heart was not her husband, that. Du Ruohan's eyes shook slightly and looked at Su Xiang with sad eyes. She took a breath and turned to look out of the window. After a moment of silence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she said faintly, "Let me tell you a story." Without waiting for Su Xiang to say anything, she began to speak.