Tomb Piracy Notes 4 Snake Marsh Ghost Town

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She took a breath and turned to look out of the window. After a moment of silence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she said faintly, "Let me tell you a story." Without waiting for Su Xiang to say anything, she began to speak.

"I didn't do it. I put the mud on myself." He said. I am more strange, the heart says you learn he Ma to roll? Or do you have fleas? With your constitution, even if you lie in the flea pile, the flea will only dare to do massage for you. He looked at the mud on his arm and explained, "It's the snakes …" "A snake?" "Wenjin has been here for a long time. There are so many poisonous snakes here. There must be a reason why she can live so long as a woman, and it's really unusual. I feel that there must be a relationship between these two points. After thinking about it, I realize that the mud is the key." "I smeared mud on my body," said the oil bottle. "Sure enough, the snakes didn't seem to see me." As soon as I thought about it, I suddenly realized that this was the case. I said how could Wenjin look like that ghost? Snakes rely on heat to find prey. Smearing mud all over their bodies can not only cover up the heat, but also cover up the smell. It may indeed be useful. The heart is not ecstatic, this is really a good news. In this way, our ability to survive in the rainforest is much higher, at least no longer at the mercy of others. The stuffy oil bottle roughly inserted the mud on his body, looked at the camp around him, and asked me, "Are you here like this?" I nodded and told him about our experience. I started by separating from him, as briefly but clearly as I could, until we arrived not much earlier than he, when there was no one here, and the situation here was a little strange, all the personal belongings had not been taken away, and there was no sign of violence, as if these people had calmly abandoned the camp and left without anything. He listened in silence,Teardrop Pallet Racking, glancing at the tents around him, saying nothing, but pinching his eyebrows, as if confused. I said to him you come back, because of Pan Zi, we can not leave here for the time being, and we are too tired, need to rest,industrial racking systems, otherwise it is tantamount to death. Now one more person, one more care. Noncommittal, he looked at me and said, "In a place like this, one more or one less is the same." I was a little surprised that he would say such a thing, but then he stood up, picked up a bucket, went to the pool outside the camp to get a bucket of water, then took off his clothes and turned his back to me and began to scrub his body, washing the mud off his body. I looked at him and knew that he had nothing to say to me. I was a little depressed, but finally his return was a happy event. After he finished washing, he came back to close his eyes and rest. I didn't bother him, but I couldn't sleep, so I took a bath. After washing, I felt a little recovered, so I went back to fetch water and wiped Pan Zi's body. His body was a little hot, and he slept a little. After I wiped him, mobile racking systems ,wire mesh decking, he fell asleep again. When I came out and saw the fat man, I thought he didn't need me to wait on him. I sat down and massaged his calf, but I didn't want to look at Wenjin's notes again. I turned to look at the stuffy oil bottle, and he fell asleep. I thought he must be more tired than us. Even the iron arhat couldn't stand it. It was not until three or four o'clock in the afternoon that the fat man woke up. He got up hazily and saw the stuffy oil bottle. "Well," he said. It took him a long time to react and said, "Damn it, I'm not dreaming." The stuffy oil bottle immediately woke up, apparently not sleeping deeply, looked at him, looked at the sky, also sat up, the fat man rubbed his eyes and said, "It seems not a dream.". Comrade Workers, Peasants and Soldiers, you have finally defected to the Red Army. Stuffy oil bottle is really a magical person, although he is quiet, but his appearance is like a shot of stimulant, all of a sudden I can see that the fat man is happy from the bottom of his heart. I told you what you were happy about. Didn't you say you wanted to do it alone. He stood up and sat down beside me, spat a few mouthfuls of bloody phlegm, and said, "That was before. The little brother came back. He must have followed the little brother. There is meat to eat with the little brother, right?" I saw blood in his sputum, and I knew he had internal injuries, but he didn't care. It should be too serious, so I told him to be careful. The stuffy oil bottle also did not answer, the fat man handed me a cigarette, he dropped some water from the kettle to wash his eyes, and asked about the situation before the stuffy oil bottle. I just told the fat man what the stuffy oil bottle told me just now. The fat man nodded as he listened. Hearing that the mud could prevent snakes, he exulted, "*** me, this is a good recipe. With this recipe, we can spend less energy in the swamp. Damn it, when I was sleeping just now, I dreamed that a snake was crawling on me. I refused to come out in my crotch. I was scared to death." I laughed and felt that only when the stuffy oil bottle was there, the fat man's joke sounded funny. He said, "I guess I took a fancy to the chicken in your crotch. Speaking of it, did you hatch or not?" "Not yet," said the fat man. "I've been in the water all day, and I've become a fish egg. I'll have to take it out to bask in the sun later. Don't get moldy." I laughed, the fat man also laughed, patted me a few times, "you laugh a fart, I do not believe you or dry, or we take out twist?" I shook my head and said no, and the fat man asked me to rest. Although I was a little excited, the fatigue of my body could not be reversed. I fell asleep soon after I lay down, probably because of the stuffy oil bottle. I fell asleep and felt very relieved. I woke up in the evening. The sunset was already red. When I got up, I smelled the fragrance. It was the fat man who was cooking. I didn't know what was cooking. I moved a few times. It felt like a zombie lying in the grave had come back to life. The muscles on my body were sour and "bitter". I couldn't describe this feeling. Hands and feet have no strength, almost climbed to the edge of the campfire against the stone, hands are shaking, I heard the fat man talking to the stuffy oil bottle, he is asking what the stuffy oil bottle is going to do. My heart said that this guy started to engage in separatism again,cantilever racking system, Pan Zi was useless, and no one would force him to go to my third uncle. He began to draw in the stuffy oil bottle to engage in his plot. He immediately leaned over and heard him say to the stuffy oil bottle: "I said that this matter must not be known by Wu Xie, otherwise he would be crazy.." Chapter 19 The Second Night: The Secret.