Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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She took a breath and turned to look out of the window. After a moment of silence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she said faintly, "Let me tell you a story." Without waiting for Su Xiang to say anything, she began to speak.

Zhao Xingye's dwelling place, which is only tens of feet away from Lin Xun's stone house, is unaware of this. Boom! Dark between heaven and earth, killing like a tide, turned into a raging storm sweeping through, sending out a thunderous sound of shock. Heaven and earth are empty, not a blade of grass grows, and strands of killing are cold and terrible, turning into black wolf smoke like substance, constantly transpiring. This is a strange, strange, cold and murderous world. As soon as he arrived, Lin Xun shivered all over, his skin tingled, and his mind was filled with a strong sense of danger. Senior, where is this? Lin Xun's face was dignified, and he did not hesitate to cultivate himself and was ready to do so. It's an interesting place. It's very good for you to practice your body. When you break these killing intentions, I'll take you away. The voice of the mysterious woman was still echoing, and she was long gone. Lin Xun was speechless for a while. Is this too irresponsible? Whoo whoo ~ ~ In the distance, a black murderous storm swept in, making a howling sound. Gradually, those murderous intentions turned into one by one, wearing armor, mastering weapons, black light rolling, murderous figure. Like a group of ghosts rushing out of hell! "Kill!" They roared and roared with an earth-shaking roar. Each breath is so powerful that Lin Xun feels a kind of depression,shuttle rack system, so that he can't even help but want to run and refine Qi! Because according to his observation, the breath of each ghost is absolutely not weaker than that of the top figures in the seven plagues of longevity. Even if it is an ordinary king of the nine plagues of longevity, it is also slightly inferior to one of them! Clang! A black war spear swept out, killing all the surging, although simple and crude, but such power, but can be called terror boundless. As soon as Lin Xun pressed out his palm, the two collided and burst into a roar like a landslide. Lin Xun only felt a burst of numbness in his palms, his body was shaken, and his expression could not help but change slightly,shuttle rack system, what a strong force! "Kill!" Boom, those by the intention to kill into the army of ghosts have been broken to kill, dense, cover the sky. Without much thought, Lin Xun suddenly let out a long roar and rushed up. His whole body shone brilliantly, and the power of Qi and blood boiled like the Yangtze River, which evolved into a clear light and divine rainbow, guarding all around. He did not hesitate to do his best to refine his body! Boom! Heaven and earth are dark, the sun and the moon are black. The war broke out completely. Extremely terrible threatening breath, so that Lin Xun no longer distracting thoughts, unprecedented concentration of consciousness, will directly fight the holy law and the constant leakage of the secret law are running open. He saw that his whole body was full of blood and blood, and his physical strength was like the flow of divine light, producing a deafening roar, and his power suddenly climbed to the extreme. Lin Xun naturally has the confidence to kill the other side if he takes Qi refining as the enemy, but he came here to temper the strength of the body, so naturally he will not do so. Kill! Those ghosts are roaring, one more ferocious, drive in racking system ,push back racking system, ferocious, horrible, so that this piece of heaven and earth are covered with tyrannical cold killing. Kill! Lin Xun's momentum is like a rainbow, and he does not give way to each other. He deduces his own Tao and Dharma, like a demon God, and charges into battle. Rumble ~ ~ Heaven and earth here turned pale, shaking in all directions, as if turning into a battlefield for Lin Xun alone. But his match, is that billows like the wolf smoke roars between the heaven and earth to kill the intention by the ghost thing! "Yes, yes, the remaining imperial killing intention in this acupoint world has almost been obliterated, enough to hone his strength.." In the place where Lin Xun can't see, the mysterious woman pays attention to all this coldly, and after making sure that Lin Xun will not encounter a fatal disaster, she turns around and goes away. If he is in the holy land, he can go to a more magical place of internal organs, and the benefits he gains are absolutely immeasurable. In the darkness, the mysterious woman paces, and in the field of vision, strange and horrible scenes emerge from time to time in the darkness. There are flying fairy light and rain twinkling, magnificent as a dream, fleeting. There is a mysterious and obscure sound, lingering in the darkness, like the murmur of ancient demons. There is a broken world, which is dancing in pieces in the dark, releasing the breath of disaster like the destruction of the world. The mysterious woman turned a blind eye to all this. …… Chapter 1438 the remains of the imperial realm. Whoo ~ ~ Whoo ~ ~ A month later, Lin Xun, panting, sat cross-legged without hesitation and began his retreat. He had just experienced a fierce battle, and his body was covered with scars and blood. But he was unconscious and seized the brief gap and tried to repair it. Crash ~ The power of the law of immortality flowed up and down his whole body, repairing his injuries with an incredible speed. In the past month, Lin Xun has forgotten how many bloody and tragic battles he has experienced. Many times, they were severely injured, their arms were torn, their chests were punctured, their spines were shattered, their legs were cut off.. Had it not been for the path of physical sainthood practiced by the refiner, the power of self-recovery would have been amazing, and had it not been for the breath of the law of immortality for healing, Lin Xun doubted whether he could have persevered. Do not let go, experience this soul-stirring and tragic fight, so that Lin Xun from the initial anger, has gradually become accustomed to and calm, began to adapt and get used to. Whoo whoo ~ ~ Just a cup of tea time, in the distant void, there was a sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling, rolling and killing like black clouds stirring and roaring. Whoosh! "Lin Xun got up from his meditation, looked calm, and jumped away." Kill! Not surprisingly, the fighting broke out again. Compared with a month ago, Lin Xun has undergone earth-shaking changes in the battle of refining his body, just like being reborn. The body is like a grand furnace, the spirit of the whole person is unprecedentedly condensed and boiling, and the power of the body is controlled and used freely. All kinds of body-refining tactics are integrated into the power of the law of the road, and they can be used freely and skillfully, showing a mellow and calm charm. This is Lin Xun in this month of fighting, in the refining body on the harvest,asrs warehouse, although there has been no transformation, but the fighting power has long been different from the past. Just like a piece of uncut jade, it begins to show enough light to amaze the world! ……。