Jian Qi Xia Hong 31-35

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She took a breath and turned to look out of the window. After a moment of silence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she said faintly, "Let me tell you a story." Without waiting for Su Xiang to say anything, she began to speak.

Su Tanqing was stunned and had a flash of inspiration. "Are you saying that Gu Lingyun was captured on purpose?" Xiao Nongyue nodded and said, "If there hadn't been an inside man in the Yaoling Hall, how could I, Yan Yangdao, have ordered the old leader of the alliance to go to justice, and then let Gu Lingyun take the risk of losing the general?" "Duan Xu Cun!" Su Tanqing suddenly realized. Since Gu Lingyun was able to kill Qi Tong in the Shifeng Hall, he naturally knew that there was an ambush, but he still went alone, leading to his imprisonment. If it weren't for a powerful man in the Yaoling Hall who could guarantee his safety, why should he do so? And this inside man turned out to be the third person in the Yaoling Hall-Duan Xucun! In this way, Duan Xucun went to Guanzhong to find himself is also part of the whole plan. As he had thought in advance, the person who really gave Qingfeng Hou a fatal blow in the "Broken Wrist Plan" was not himself, but Duan Xucun! Also because of this, Duan Xucun will know that he met Gu Lingyun when he was a teenager, and it was Gu Lingyun who told him personally. And the cold will be transferred from Luoyang, lured against the wind Hou, homeopathy to take over shake Ling hall, and so on is also all the planning of Duan Xucun! "Duan Xucun is an unfathomable man," continued Xiao Nongyue. "He must not be despised. He had been in secret contact with Yanyang Dao as early as a year ago. He had also been to Jinling several times in secret. The person who met him was Jiangdong. Jiangdong was recommended by Gu Lingyun to enter Yanyang Dao, but the martial arts school knew nothing about it and only obeyed Gu Lingyun. He was proficient in the art of assassination. He stabbed the enemy for Gu Lingyun several times and never failed. He did not like fame and wealth, so he became the'shadow killer 'in Yanyang Dao. At Gu Lingyun's signal, he did not know how to get in touch with Duan Xucun and began to bring down Zhao Qingfeng. At that time, there was already a prototype of the'broken wrist plan '. A few months ago, Hong Laomeng was seriously ill, knowing his life soon, and Guo eldest brother, Gu Lingyun, Jiang Dong went to work with me to set a'broken wrist 'plan, first lure the traitor Liu Duwei to assassinate Hong Laomeng, and then Gu Lingyun thousands of miles after Liu Duwei deliberately missed and was captured,warehouse pallet racks, Duan Xucun recommended Su brother to Zhao Qingfeng to assassinate Guo eldest brother, Jiang Dong went to be responsible for contacting with Duan Xucun in the dark. As for the final assassination plan, even I don't know the details. Unexpectedly, things developed so far, Guo eldest brother and Jiangdong to the unfortunate death, Gu Lingyun life and death is unpredictable, only Duan Xucun borrow Zhao Qingfeng plot to monopolize the power of shaking mausoleum hall, but became the biggest winner, this person is known as'no legacy ', as expected, I'm afraid we all fall into his calculation.. Su Tanqing asked, "Could it be that when Hong Lao, the leader of the alliance, and Guo Hufa made the'plan to break their wrists, 'they didn't suspect that Duan Xucun was cheating?" Xiao Nongyue said, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "This plan was strongly recommended by Gu Lingyun, and he did not hesitate to take risks himself.". Gu Lingyun was awe-inspiring in chivalry and was highly skilled in martial arts. He had made numerous contributions since he defected to Hong Lao, the leader of the alliance, and was loved by his brothers. That's why he was able to sit in the position of the second Dharma Protector of Yanyang Dao in a short time. He and Zhao Qingfeng have an implacable revenge for killing his father, and we all believe him absolutely. But also know that Duan Xucun is not a person who has lived for a long time, there is enough reason to remove Zhao Qingfeng. With him as an insider in the Yaoling Hall, the'Broken Wrist Plan 'is indeed more than 70% sure of success! Su Tanqing closed her eyes and thought for a long time. Then she said slowly, "Is there any enmity between Jiang Dong and Elder Guo?" Xiao Nongyue was so clever that she immediately guessed the meaning of Su Tanqing's words and said in surprise, "Does Brother Su suspect that Brother Guo was killed by Jiang Dongqu?"? This It should be impossible, at least he has no motive to make a move. Su Tanqing nodded noncommittally and asked, "Brother Xiao, did you see the body of Jiang Dongqu with your own eyes?" Xiao Nongyue said with a sigh, "The corpse is fragmentary and incomplete. It's extremely difficult to identify. Besides, I've never seen the true face of Jiang Dongqu. I really don't know whether it's true or not." Su Tanqing raised her eyebrows and said, "Brother Xiao, haven't you ever seen the true face of Jiang Dongqu?" Xiao Nongyue said, "Every time he appears, he wears a mask. My younger brother once heard Gu Lingyun say that he was disfigured, so he doesn't want to show his true face." With a slightly displeased look on his face, he said, "Brother Su, there is no need to be suspicious. Gu Lingyun is both civil and military. He is heroic. He is not only a good man who values love and righteousness, but also has the ability to know people.". Jiang Dongqu since can get his trust, every brother in Yan Yang Dao also absolutely believe in Gu Lingyun's judgment, not to mention Jiang Dongqu is now dead, the younger brother does not want to speculate more about this. Hearing what Xiao Nongyue said, Su Tanqing sighed and said no more. He had grasped a little clue, and now he only needed to find real evidence to confirm his bold guess! The evening was dominated by Qu Linliu, accompanied by Duan Xucun, who held a big banquet at Qingfeng Hou Mansion to entertain a group of Wulin people. The meeting in Luoyang gathered important figures from various schools of Wulin in the Central Plains, which was a rare grand occasion in recent years. Although two days later was the day of the Iron Treaty War against Chen Wenfeng, when people saw that the world's two great masters Kensei and Xie Dao were coming together, how could they put the iron in their hearts? They all drank heartily, and the host and guest enjoyed themselves. Su Tanqing didn't like this kind of scene, but Lin Chun loved to be lively, so he had to accompany her reluctantly. Fortunately, Liu Danlian and Mei Hongxiu did not attend because they were inconvenient to meet Lin Chun, so they avoided some trouble. Su Tanqing was surrounded by a crowd of Jianghu characters. After drinking dozens of glasses of wine, she gradually felt that she was too drunk to drink. She slipped out alone on the pretext of going to the toilet and sat on the edge of the flower gallery to meditate. Just as a maidservant was serving tea, she saw Su Tanqing sitting alone. She stopped and asked, "Why doesn't Mr. Su accompany your Miss Lin?" Su Tanqing was so drunk that she felt dizzy. She answered casually, "Why don't you know the importance of what you say? Miss Lin is the granddaughter of Kensei. How can she be mine?" The maidservant covered her mouth and said with a smile, "We all know about Master Su and Miss Lin. In private we all say you're a perfect match.." Su Tanqing raised her head and felt that the maidservant looked familiar. She fixed her eyes on her and said, "Hey, isn't this Miss Xiaoju?" It turned out to be Lady Lianmei's maid Xiaoju. When Su Tanqing first came to Luoyang that day, she followed Sima Xiaomang to Lady Lianmei's residence. Because she said a few words to Xiaoju, she was almost cut off an arm by Lady Lianmei, so she was deeply impressed. "Mr. Su has a good memory," said Xiaoju happily. "He actually remembers me." "Aren't you afraid to talk to me now?" Asked Su Tanqing with a smile. Knowing that Su Tanqing was easy-going,heavy duty cantilever racks, Xiaoju grinned, "Madam is not around. What am I afraid of?" Su Tanqing asked, "Why didn't I see your ladyship at the banquet just now?" 。 jracking.com