Leather Women's Lingerie

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Women's underwear - this is a huge room for experimentation.

Women's underwear - this is a huge room for experimentation. Designers create sexy outfits not only from fine lace or silk but also from leather. If you want to surprise your lover and arouse passion, buy a spectacular leather lingerie set.

How to choose

This lingerie fits your body like a second skin, so it should sit on you perfectly. Choose panties and bras so that they do not squeeze the body creating unsightly wrinkles, and do not slip when it is inappropriate. Underwear should emphasize the beauty of your figure and not expose its flaws.

If you have a magnificent figure and frank lingerie, if you feel uncomfortable, choose a wide top or even a corset, and in addition to it, closed panties. Girls with a bust with additional volume in the chest will add spectacular leather bras with push-ups. And owners of magnificent hips can always choose the original leather shorts.

You can buy a bra and panties as a set or separately.

The main thing is that things fit together and decorate your body. In addition to a lingerie collection, you can pick up a belt with stockings to complete the seductress's image.

Another important point is the naturalness of the material. Many girls believe that leather underwear must be natural. But it is not.

Panties and bras made of artificial leather are just as good an option. You certainly will not wear spectacular leather underwear for hours, so do not be afraid that the synthetic leather will chafe and cause discomfort. Yes, washing underwear out of leatherette is no worse than natural leather.

How to care for

For your underwear to serve you for a long time and remain qualitative and effective, you need to care for it properly. Washing such lingerie is undesirable, especially in a washing machine. Leather bras and panties are best cleaned with a special soft cloth soaked in detergent.

If you decide to wash your underwear, you should do it by hand. Leather should be dried at room temperature, evenly hung, or spread on a dry towel.

At other times, it is recommended to store linen not just in the closet but in a special thick package or bag. Branded products come with covers made of cotton fabric. It is in them that you should ideally store the purchased leather set.

Leather underwear is certainly not a set for everyday wear. But if you are looking for something to surprise your lover and how to emphasize your sexuality - that's exactly what you need.