Tongits: Differences between Card Games

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Tongits is a popular board game in the Philippines. It is very popular in the Philippines. It was brought to the largest island in the Philippines, Luzon, by the U.S. Army in the 1990s. The rules are similar to the American card game "Tonk". With the development of online board games and the popularity of smartphones in recent years, Tongits has gradually become a national board game among online board games in the Philippines. Tongits can be found in many games. The main rule is to group three or more cards in a row or cards with the same number and different suits and to reduce the number of useless cards in your hand by drawing and discarding them. Tongits is heavily based on the traditional Chinese game "mahjong", in which the player takes the tiles discarded by the previous player to form his desired combination, but since the number of mahjong players must be four, it is said that the invention of Tongits game was developed when there were only three players but a deck of playing cards. tongits game