Tongits Game: How to Play Tongits?

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Tongits is a popular three-player rummy card game in the Philippines. The game involves preparing a deck of 52 playing cards (no joker) and your goal is to get rid of all your cards. So, you have to assemble the same type of card deck and then you can get rid of them. Each player starts the round with 12 cards. You can draw from the center and use any other strategy necessary to win the game. The Tongits game aims to form sets and runs by catching and discarding cards and minimizing the number of mismatched cards left in your hand. The first dealer is chosen at random. Thereafter, the dealer is the winner of the previous hand. Starting with the dealer, one card is dealt in counter-clockwise order: 13 cards are dealt to the dealer, and 12 cards to each of the other players. The rest of the cards are placed face-down to form the stock. The dealer will start first by discarding 3 flushes or trios (tapon), then the next player (the one on the right) can choose to take the discarded card or pick a card from the pile (bunot). If the player chooses the discarded card, the player must discard 3 cards along with the card the player picked up. If the player chooses to select a card from the pile, it will only complete the flush or trio without opening their cards. The player may also choose to connect (sapaw) to any of the opened cards by expanding the flush or adding 1 card to the trio to make it 4 of a kind. After that, the player must discard a card to end the turn. One of the best strategies is to discard at least one completed card to make it difficult for other players to call. Something else to avoid; running out of cards means that the game is over when the deck disappears and one of the players completes their hand. Many classic games and unique new pavilions, as well as free millions of bonus packs, are all available at Nustabet online casino, so get online if you love to play SLOT! Nustabet online casino is a popular online live game that can help you pass the time and earn money, so you can start the game at any time in a second without waiting, and play until you go crazy every day. Tongits game


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